I was listening to The Morning Rush and Chuck said something confusing. Someone said beating Auburn should help our seeding and if we beat A&M it could possibly help it more. Then Chuck said seeding is all for the fans. The coaches and players would just assume play their toughest opponent right off the bat. He said they’re in it to win and they’re going to have to face them anyway so they say bring it on. I disagree with this and have never heard a coach or player that felt that way. Was anyone else listening this morning?

Nolan never worried about seeding. He said 15s and 16s were tough to get his team prepared to play.

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I know coaches have always said things like the seeding will take care of itself and we don’t care where they put us, we’ll be ready to play. But realistically I would think any coach (except Nolan) prefers being a 6 or 7 seed versus being a 8, 9 or 10.

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In '95 people forget we were super close to losing to 15 seed Texas Southern right off the bat. Basically the same team that we had beaten by almost 70 the previous season and we won by 1 and the Bullock dude missed a free throw that would’ve tied it.

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8/9 seed is the kiss of death; facing #1 seed second game makes a trip to Sweet 16 highly unlikely.

10 seed is fine or 7, 8 or 9 is not helpful.

Well they’re probably going to get their wish because more than likely going to be an 8 seed which will have them playing a team very much as good as they are in the 9 seed and then if they win they will run up on the number 1 seed. So the players and coaches should be very happy.

You get what you deserve. The top four seeds are meaningful. After that it’s just seeing what happens around you.

Well, wherever we end up, let’s just worry about winning the first game first! Assuming that we do that, we can worry about the second game at that time.

Since we won’t be a high seed, I choose the bright side. We have the most time to prepare for a good team and should be well rested.

I don’t agree with it at all. They want the best hand they can get period. It’s just coach babble. Chuck babble.
Player babble. They want the best deal they can get. :100: for the coaches and players as well. Don’t believe the hype.

You babble a lot so I get it.


If you are a 8, 9 or lower it truely may not be a huge deal, but if you can not be a 8,9, or lower it matters a lot. And they know it, and they want it. True babble.

Babble, babble, babble.


The answer is clear. Just win.

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At this point (and every point) seeding is not something you can control. The committee’s gonna do what it’s gonna do. We might have been overseeded the last two years based on our regular season, but then we got to the EE so it looks better. Might be a bit underseeded this time. If so, we just have to play like we’re underseeded.

I’m not worried about seeding……let’s go beat A&M.


You make a good point. Bless their hearts but I don’t expect this team to win the first game, so second game is irrelevant.

One and done.

Maybe a 17 point halftime lead and second half collapse and a close loss. That’s the script this year.

It’s almost like a script from a movie. Seems like this is about the 10th game this has happened. I’m not trying to second guess Muss but maybe mix it up a little like he did starting Johnson against Auburn. Put a couple of new faces in the game with less than 10 minutes. They’ll be diving for balls and bring some energy in for a few minutes. It may change the complexion of the game plus you’ll have some fresher legs the last five minutes.

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