Chuck Person.....

Just drove through Brantley Alabama (home of Chuck Person) headed to Destin. They had a big sign near the HS bragging that Chuck was from Brantley. Mad me sad to think of how far he’s fallen. It’s reported Chuck made about 23 million in his NBA career and apparently has lost it all. Maybe even his freedom.

A few years ago I spent a good deal (business relationship) of time with a 5 time NBA All Star who retired in 1994. We talked one day about the huge money that kids make now in the NBA. My buddy said that if you give any 19 - 20 year old millions of dollars it’s usually a receipt for disaster. He hinted that AAU ball and outside influences are not helpful to many of these young men. I suppose he was hinting about the payments we’re hearing about now. His favorite words for these youngsters (including his son) was knuckleheads. I wish I had pressed him on paying parents, players and coaches but I didn’t.

Sad state of affairs.

He probably managed his millions from the NBA the same way he managed his job as a coach! He is done now with the big money jobs.