Chuck Person will plead guilty

Which begs the question as to whether the Rifleman will now shoot his former HC in the back as part of the plea deal.

Depends on what kind of deal the Feds were willing to give him in exchange for information.

I don’t think it’s an accident that there have been no head coaches indicted yet. The HCs are not the target. In fact, the feds’ theory is that the HCs are the victim of the shoe company fraud. NCAA of course feels differently, but I doubt the plea deal includes telling him to rat out BP to the NCAA.

I have a close friend who played basketball for UT Chattanooga a long time ago. He has stayed fairly close to the program over the years (and his older brother coaches basketball at a college in Florida). I text him last week to ask him if he was shocked by the revelations on Wade. He said he never spent much time with Wade but did say “he must be trying to save money bypassing the middle man who typically funnels money to recruits/parents/handlers”. He said (as we all know) that this happens at the highest levels.

I’ve been told that HC’s leave it up to assistants and bad men (middle man) so they have creditable deniability.

Sounds entirely probable to me. Like I said, do you really want to hire a dumb crook?

The dirt has been dumped on a lot of head coaches as part of the the crooks deals prior to sentencing. Feb 15! I’d be willing to speculate enough dirt is out on Wade, Miller and Self that they won’t be coaching next season! It may take another year for a few more. The bag man set up for cheaters will change as well as the way the handlers take the players market. I don’t think the old boy in Florida wants to risk messing with the Feds again. ( Augustine )

Self will probably be coaching next year, but probably not at KS. His name is the front runner for the Bulls. If he’s gonna get out, that’s the way. He can stay there for his five years of “show” cause, then Dudley can Sweet talk him into coming here :wink:

J/K Dudley