Chuck Barrett’s mom may have passed

In reading the DemGaz obits this morning I noticed the passing of a Patricia Barrett in Clarksville with a son in Fayetteville named Charles (Chuck) Barrett. Chuck is from Clarksville.

I would presume this to be Chuck’s mom. Apologies if not.

Prayers for Chuck and his family if so. Prayers for Mrs. Barrett’s family even if Chuck isn’t related.

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Yes, she did. Chuck spoke about it yesterday.

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Prayers for Chuck and his family. Tough no matter how much expected.

It’s been a long battle with dementia. Long and difficult. Chuck and I have talked about it and he’s been there for all of it. He’s basically lived in Clarksville since the start of Covid.


So much respect for Chuck, Quinn and all others who were/are caretakers. We’ve been there with both our moms. Tough times but zero regrets. It’s a labor of love. The end is a relief for all. I tell people that’s in Chuck’s spot, don’t feel guilty about feeling relieved. You loved with all you had. Prayers.


That is so true. After my Father died in Dec, 2012, I moved back to Arkansas to care for my Mother, who had previously had a major stroke and 2 heart attacks. It was the toughest job I’ve ever had, but the most rewarding.

It’s also true that there is some relief, accompanied with a little guilt (did I do enough?). I don’t regret a single day of the 8+ years before she died in Jan 2021. I will admit though that, it felt good to be able to buy Razorback season football and basketball tickets and attend as many games as I wanted.

Prayers for Chuck and family.


Chuck had posted on Facebook about the loss of his mother. Prayers for Chuck and family.

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Well I hate to hear that! My mom passed away over 6 years ago and it still hurts my heart… will be praying for Chuck and his family

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Megan dealt with her mom having dementia. Such a cruel, cruel thing to deal with as you see a parent or loved one deteriorate. She gets very emotional when she sees a news story or show on the illness.

God bless Chuck and anyone else who has a loved one suffering from dementia.


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