Chuck Barrett got laughed at today

The guys on the morning show at The Buzz couldn’t believe that Chuck said it is still to be determined whether the ASU game has any benefit for UA.

The media is already becoming ASU fans.

Do not understand your comment and I don’t see any benefit either!

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I think this game was inevitable, but I don’t see much of a benefit for UA. We will see.

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You do not understand?

Bazill and company played a portion of a recent interview with Chuck Barrett. Chuck said, the game benefits ASU, the stadium commission, but it is still determined if it benefits UA.

They ridiculed Chuck for making the comment.

Is that clear?

Btw, David Bazil was fairly diplomatic about it, Roger Scott and the other guy were obnoxious.

Tommy Smith was absent today.

I don’t want to lose the Razorback brand that is now throughout the state…I’ve been to Alabama and have felt the stateside split between Auburn and Alabama. No thank you.

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People keep saying there is no benefit from playing ASU

There is clearly a benefit. It’ll be cheaper to play them than another cupcake. Now, you may not think that cost benefit is worth it, but it’s clearly a benefit

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So you are saying we can’t get a different team to come and play in Little Rock or Fayetteville for less net cost for U of A. I doubt you are
correct in that assertion.

Those things can and will be argued over and over.

My point- the media will treat UA like Goliath and they will treat ASU like David. It already started with the way they treated Chuck.

Btw, Chuck wasnt around to defend himself. They replayed an interview from the day before.

I believe I read that what UA is paying ASU is cheaper than they typical price tag for a cupcake

Would you prefer it the other way? I should hope we are considered Goliath in this game

Along with being over 9 feet tall and wearing heavy armor, Goliath was the EVIL one.

David was the innocent little shepherd boy who never done anything wrong.

Does anybody wish Goliath would have won?

No, but he was the 4 TD favorite in the game

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I’ve seen some guys go in the woods with a sling shot. They never come back with anything. I’d go hungry with a sling shot.

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Yep, about anywhere from $400-500k for a G5 team. Now, if that game is in RRS, we’d come out ahead by playing there, and paying more. Just as the Mizzou game will make us more money by being in RRS, all home games should be in RRS.


The Alabama/Auburn comparison is apples to oranges, a ridiculous comparison and will not ever happen in Arkansas. The Arkansas brand will always be better than ASU and most people in the state will still be Hog fans.

Goodness, I have never seen our fanbase so scared. Good Lord man…


I’m not afraid to play ASU, but would much rather play a big 12 team home & home. I think Broyles had it right, nothing to gain.


We already have home and home’s with P5’s scheduled for the future, we have to fill in our schedule with 2 G5’s and a FCS, or that’s been the plan for a while. The coaches like to go to bowl games, they get bonuses, and it keeps the fan base from nipping at their heels.


What’s to gain playing a North Texas or Troy? Nothing.

Plus, the main reason the ASU game was done is so that we get 3 SEC home games in Fayetteville this year and in 2023, so everyone should be happy about that, but no one seems to understand that. Our fanbase man…wow.

We have games scheduled with P5/G5 teams for the next 12 years.

2021 - Texas
2022 - Cincinnati, @BYU
2023 - BYU
2024 - @Oklahoma St
2025 - Arkansas St, @Memphis, Notre Dame (for now)
2026 - @Utah, Memphis
2027 - @Tulsa, Oklahoma St.
2028 - Memphis, Utah
2029 - Tulsa
2032 - @Oklahoma St.
2033 - Oklahoma St.

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I don’t think we pay anyone to play in WMS more than the $900k we’re paying ASU, but even if we are, the difference is so negligible compared to our budget that it’s hardly worth mentioning. If money is the issue, we should have played it in RRS in front of 20k more fans at much higher average ticket prices & for greater concession revenue. Plus we’ll have to spend money traveling to & staying overnight in LR.

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