Christyn Williams update

Just spoke to her. She said she would definitely be open to talking to new Arkansas Coach Mike Neighbors, but she’s unlikely to put the Hogs back on her list of top schools. Connecticut, Baylor, UCLA, Tennessee and Notre Dame are her top schools.

She said he wants to go outside the state for college.

More on what Williams told Richard: … /arkansas/

Shes going out of state bc nobody really cares

I’d feel better about it if she say went to a college in PAC12 or Big10. I believe her when she says she just wants to get away.

It still is going to hurt to see the best women’s basketball player this state has ever produced believe that the home team isn’t worthy :frowning:

It’s not over yet!

Sure things can change, but if Mike is able to get her on board then he’s a miracle worker.

Shekinna Stricklen might have something to say about whether Williams is the best player to ever come out of Arkansas.

Arkansas never has done well at recruiting the best female basketball players in this state. Stricklen went to Tennessee, Morgan Hook went to Oklahoma, Tyler Scaife went to Rutgers - I could go on and on.

It was a big deal when Jessica Jackson committed to Arkansas because she was considered one of the 10 best players in the country her senior year. But Arkansas had too many good players transfer out during her career and the team only made one NCAA Tournament.

So is Neighbors good enough to build the program to the point those girls don’t want to leave the state? I understand missing some here and there, but it’d be nice to land some as well.

Ask me in a few years. They need to get rolling on the court and that will help the interest in staying in-state.

His reputation is as a strong recruiter. Gary Blair told me yesterday, “He was teaching us things about recruiting from the minute he stepped on campus. He knew the ins and outs better than we did.”

I would assume that his reputation as a Final Four coach and his relationships with so many high school coaches in the state will help Arkansas. But then again, the Razorbacks haven’t had a lot of trouble recruiting the state. The good players (Berna, Danberry, Monk, etc.) have committed. It’s the inability to attract the potentially great players that has hurt the program.

Here is a REALLY REALLY stupid question, and shows how much I have followed women’s basketball lately (I used to go to games when I was at UofA and kept up with it pretty good until Blair left, after that, not very much) is the “Monk” on that list the same family as the now infamous Monk on the men’s side?

Dont believe so. Will double check.

Malica Monk is no relation to Malik Monk. She is from North Little Rock.

Malik Monk did have a female relative who went out of state to play basketball. Jordan Madden, Ky’s older sister, went to Baylor and won a national championship.

I had heard there was a distant relationship between Malika and Malik. And I believe you just connected the dots for me. Isn’t Ky Madden a cousin to Malik Monk? Or did I dream that up?

Yeah, I remember someone saying that both Malica and Malik were kin to Madden.