Christyn Williams commits to UConn

I suppose it is no shame to lose a prospect to UCONN. The Lady Huskies are WCBB royalty. … 347886.php

Prospect? How 'bout the top rated player. I wasn’t even aware. I guess not unexpected she would sign elsewhere.

She made it perfectly clear she had no desire or intent to stay in state

And her two finalists were only the last two national champions.

What Geno wants, Geno gets.

I can’t believe Neighbors let her leave the state. He needs to hire some elite recruiters.

I saw that. I don’t follow recruiting in women’s basketball at all, so I was totally unaware of her, but it still pisses me off when an Arkansas kid chooses to leave the state. I know it’s their choice & they have an absolute right to decide what they want in their lives. But so do I. And my choice is to treat such people like out-of-staters. I won’t follow her career at UConn. I won’t cheer for her “because she’s an Arkansan”. She is from Connecticut. I have no connections to that state.

Give Neighbors a few years and it may change within Arkansas.

You nailed my sentiments. Not that we’re bitter or anything… :wink:

Did she wait until two days AFTER National Signing date to sign so as to get more publicity?

If so, the Demozette complied- it was covered on Page 1 of the sports section which featured two pictures of her.

I agree. Neighbors is a great recruiter. Give him a couple of years and see what happens.

When the nation’s top female players signs with the nation’s best program, it deserves that coverage.

It’s the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a newspaper for the state, not the Razorbacks.

Does it deserve more coverage than UA winning two Regional Cross Country meets yesterday? See Page 6. No pictures.