Chris Petersen leaving U-Dub

Effective immediately, DC takes over as IHC. That’s a job I didn’t think would be coming open.

Now that is a shocker! What happened?

Maybe Boise State opened back up and he wants to save them his buyout when he heads back to BSU.

Looks like actually the DC, Jimmy Lake (who got headlines last week for saying Leach’s Air Raid was easy to game-plan for because they do the same thing every time) will be the new full-time HC. Petersen will coach the bowl game then transition into an administrative job at Washington.

Petersen out at UW

This is going to happen more and more with high-profile coaches because of the grind of the job. Petersen even used the word “recharge” in the announcement. He is virtually the same age as Bob Stoops and Urban Meyer when they resigned seemingly abruptly. He is young enough to get into the coaching game again if he wants, and old enough to retire if he wants.

The success of Lincoln Riley and Ryan Day makes it easy to justify promoting the star coordinator.

I think it’s better to leave early and take care of your health than too late. He had a great career.

We parked our RV next to a former D1 assistant coach and his family this spring in Cave City. Really a nice guy that left the grind and operates his own business in NWA. He coached at several smaller D1 schools, had 3 young kids and basically said he was burned out. He said that every coach he knew kept at it dreaming to make it big. But that didn’t happen often.

Most assistant coaches (like this guy) don’t make the big bucks and even those that do may have to move every few years.

Tough life for a family.

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Yes and yes.

My dad said Peterson wanted to get away from big time college football, which means he’s probably headed to Arkansas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: