Chris Petersen hasn’t been mentioned??

Wonder why?

What’s he do?

No way. He is West Coast


My fault chris, I fixed it.

Hmm, good point, so was Lane Kiffin.

Chris Petersen has one of the best jobs in the country. I bet he retires there.

Just a thought, he prolly couldn’t recruit the south very well. Good coach though.

Lives in Seattle. Great place. He will only leave via firing or retiring

He turned down opportunities to go elsewhere until the Washington job came along. He’s a California boy and I doubt that you could pry him away from the Left Coast.

John Gruden hasn’t been mentioned, either.


He’s got the perfect job as well.

Was a thought. I really like Venables, defense is key in the sec, GA and Kirby prove that. Bama to. No HC skills, but you got to start somewhere right??

I guess that pretty well eliminates Saban & Belichick, too.

Jimmy Johnson to while ur making ur point for whatever reason

He’s waiting on Fulmer to call. :slight_smile:

Lives in a great place, summer times it barely breaks 80… I would t come either…