Chris Mortensen of ESPN

I had not seen him in quite some time, and I was watching this mock draft show on ESPN2 and there he was and I got to say I was stunned at how poor he looked. At first I figured he was getting old but that would not fit with how he looked. Then I vaguely remembered he had some sort of sickness he was battling - turns out it was Stage 4 Throat Cancer. That would make Hercules look poor. Anyways… happy to see he is in recovery and back talking the NFL. I always enjoyed his coverage. He never seemed to be into dropping loose cannon info. He was solid. Plus he always seemed to have good things to say about Arkansas… that’s always a plus in my book.


He and his wife live in Tontitown, unless they have moved in last couple of years.

I knew they moved here when their son was a Razorback, but I didn’t know they stayed afterwards. Of course once you get here, Arkansas is hard to leave… too much to fall in love with.

I’ve lived a lot of different places but I always come back to Arkansas and I think I’m here to stay now. Its got everything I want and anything it doesn’t have… well, I probably don’t need it. :slight_smile:



I believe, his wife raises horses.

I haven’t seen him in a while but I used to fly the same route with him to Connecticut. He was always a genuinely good person. Very outgoing

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Yes, they have a horse farm in Tonitown. He routinely sits in the Lindsey suite at baseball. He was there a couple of weeks ago when I looked in. I think he’s doing ok.

Definitely lost weight. He was on air in the fall. Took a break after the Super Bowl, per his usual routine.

He follows the Hogs. Sends me notes about stories I write and that’s always a thrill, no matter who writes them, but especially coming from a legend.


I remember when they had a home in Bella Vista. Daddy looked up the address from a listing of property transactions. Then we drove by just to see what his house was like.

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I just decided to call Mort. Just hung up. We talked 45 minutes. It’s relationships like this that make my job fun.


What was his house like? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We only saw the outside. As I recall, it looked nice, but not extravagant.

At one time, Mort also owned the Hissom Ranch in Goshen. He told me there was a tributary of the White in the back that held fish when spring rains came. But I never took him up on fishing it.

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