Chris Moore update (story with quotes)

He said he felt at home during his OV. He loves Fayetteville and said everyone is so welcoming.

His parents probably enjoyed the visit as much or more than he did.

Asked if the visit helped Arkansas, he said he can’t say that because Arkansas was already one of his top schools. … -arkansas/

He’s going to be a very good one.

Love every thing about the kid and would even more if that growth spurt would ever hits that got his two uncles to 7-feet.

I’d be elated if we can guy get the Woods Elite guys. Moody would be icing on the cake.

Just seems like Moore and Davis are two guys who will win you championships. And the SWC Academy fella would be nice too.

Big Rich and DD, do you guys think he need to be worried about them playing for Woodz Elite or nah?

I was curious about that myself. It does seem like a coincidence that most of the kids that are Joe Johnson Hawks leaned heavily towards the Hogs and they didn’t seem to be as wide open in their recruitment as these kids that are playing for the Woodz Elite. And the Woodz Elite has the Monks associated with it, which we know there’s a little bit of bad blood there. I mean you like at Chris Moore for example, he’s got a ton of visits scheduled, really all of those 2020 guys on Woodz Elite are looking at a lot of different schools. In comparison you look at the Hawks 2018 class, sure those guys had other offers, but it was pretty much a given on all 3 of them they would end up Hogs once the staff offered and made their push for them. I could be wrong but don’t remember any of them scheduling or taking official visits anywhere other than Arkansas.

The good news about this is, say we do miss on most of those Wood Elite 2020 guys, the 2020 class isn’t going to be that big of a class anyways, unless there’s a ton of transfers, right now it’s only 1 open spot available. Then you figure the averge 1-2 transfers in Spring, so you really only have about 2-3 spots for that class. Jaylin Williams is going to be good, he’s probably the least talked about offer in that 2020 class, I think he ends up a Hog if we have room for him. He always raves about the Hogs and the staff.

The classes that are going to be big classes for us will be the 2021 and 2022 classes, because we have a lot of openings then. I haven’t kept up with kids that far ahead yet, but hopefully we have some good in-state classes with those 2 and we get a good portion of them playing for the Hawks, as they seem to be more Hog friendly.

Don’t see it being an issue.