Chris Moore to visit

Chris had 32 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocks in a 79-59 win over Searcy.

A man among boys tonight!

very important recruit, we need him on campus as much as possible. this is exactly the kind of home-grown talent that we need to lead us back to the promised land


Wow, those numbers are Corliss-like high school stats for that game. He may be the most important 2020 recruit we are on because of critical team needs. Moody may be more talented, but he may also be a one and done and his strength will probably also be a team strength. Don’t get me wrong, please, please, please sign Moody. He is an Arkansas kid and a supreme talent.

When I think of the major thing this current team, and most all past teams for the last 15 years, is missing, it is a strong, fierce, rebounding, and inside scoring PF. That is the definition of Chris Moore.