Chris Lykes

I’m watching the Red-White stream. He got a defensive rebound and went coast to coast in about 3 seconds for a layup. Not much transition defense being played, but man, is he quick!

Oh, and Jaylin rejected a Vanover jump shot. Not sure I would have believed that.

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Notae looks like a million bucks.


I hope umude and toney can play big on defense and rebounding. They look good on offense. Seems like positionless basketball just means 4 shooting guards and Jwill. Im trying to remember how Baylor’s size last year compared. Lykes and Devo definitely lower the average for us. Jaylon is going to have to stay out of foul trouble and the whole team is going to have to rebound like crazy. One thing for sure is we won’t have trouble putting up points. Can we be physical enough in the post season when refs swallow their whistles?

Looks like Vanover still has not gotten his 3 point shooting back, but he does look quicker and more decisive around the basket. Going up fast to dunk rather than pump faking and putting up a soft lay up. But I sure hope he can get his 3 point shot going again.

Jaxon Robinson looked better than I expected from practice reports.


Fast pace with lots of offense. It seems like there a few shooters! I sure hope they are willing defenders! That will be part of earning playing time.

Length and quickness all over the court on both teams. Notae still hasn’t seen a shot he don’t like!

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I think Chris has the potential to be Arkansas’ starting point guard. That’s what I had in my mind during the summer months. But Eric Musselman has been really clear the last 2 times we’ve talked to him that his knowledge and understanding of the offense has to grow for that to happen. Being able to play within the structure of the offense when asked is paramount.

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I noticed that Chris appeared to be playing tentatively in the first half. I saw the coaches talking to him a few times, then probably a lot at half-time. I thought he looked much more fluid in the 2nd half. I assumed he’s got lots of thoughts about the offensive structure rattling around in his head right now.

I also noticed in the 2nd half much more intensity between Chris and KK. I figured coaches have set that match-up as a battle for the starting PG (at least in the 2 players minds). It seemed every time both were on the court at the same time, they always guarded each other. In the 2nd half, it even appeared it got a bit too tense on defense a few times.

Chris has more than enough “talent” to be our starting PG. But, so does KK. It seemed, with his foot injury, KK isn’t quite quick enough laterally to stay in front in front of Chris. KK didn’t get quite the minutes that the other 4 Red starters did, but I was really pleased with how he looked considering his re-injury to his foot at the start of fall practice.

I felt like I detected a pretty good rivalry between Devo and Notae.

Notae is the honey badger. I’d leave him alone!

Connor just needs to get a little more air under his shot - like he did at Cal. It’s just a flatter shot since he’s been at Arkansas which is NOT good. Wish someone would tell him… guarantee he’d go out and do it and be like, “Oh yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like.”

He just needs to not shoot the 3 at all. Plenty of other good shooters on the team. Connor shooting 3s is bad offense, period.

Connor needs to do 3 things when he’s in the game: protect the rim, rebound the ball, and flash to the rim for easy dunks.

He did pretty good catching passes and dunking immediately w/o dribble. No need for him to put the ball on the floor at all. A point of emphasis from the coaching staff, I suspect.


I actually thought KK moved much better than I thought he would considering he has been out most all summer.There will nobody we play be able to stay in front of Lykes so I really think KK will provide very good minutes off the bench this yr,his shot looks really good,looking forward to watching him.

I don’t think its a bad a thing at all for CV to shoot the 3 bc it takes their Big man out of the paint and if he gets rolling with it can be a big plus for the offense,he will never be an inside guy,just not strong enough in his legs,but he can a handful on the pick and roll for easy stuffs.


Notae will make you drink hard liquor with horrific shot selection but he is ultra talented and can take over a game very quickly,just have to sit him down when he starts shooting you out of a game…

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When Hogs are behind, Notae is the one you want on the floor. When you need buckets Notae becomes Yestae. That is what one SEC announcer said last year.

If Notae could have stayed on the floor, we might have beaten Baylor, even with their ridiculous three point shooting. He had 14 points in 15 minutes.


My concern with CV was never on the offensive side… its on the defensive side. He was very much exposed last year to be a defensive liability to teams with quick point guards. The opposing bigs would come out top and set picks. The PG would drive around CV… if CV followed then an easy dump pass to the rolling big, if not then an easy path to the basket. I watched it over and over from many different teams. I hope that was a result of what ever was ailing him most of last year and that won’t be the case this year, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

It will be the case again w/Connor this year. His mobility is limited because of his size. It will limit his minutes played again this season against certain teams, just like last season.

Lykes is another player I wonder about on the defensive end of the court, again because of his size.

I’m curious to see if Khamani Johnson will be able to effectively defend the more athletic forwards he will play against in the SEC, that he didn’t see in the Sunbelt Conference. He didn’t show me a whole lot in red-white game. Hopefully, he’s better than I think he is.

Agree. They couldn’t guard him and it felt like he was starting to take over. Nice to hear Muss identify him as one of the few guys in the country that can get his shot anytime he wants it. I think Muss knows what he has with Notae.

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