Chris Lykes- final 2!

Exactly what DD said.

First, I think KK is going to be a star at Arkansas. He has handle, he’s a great shooter, and I think he’s a future NBA player.

Second, the best teams get as many good players as they can and let the chips fall where they may. They don’t worry that bringing in another good player is going to upset someone already on the team.


DD, don’t we need 4 guards for the rotation?

We know Desi is leaving … and rumors of JD going pro… so would we not need two transfers?

Also I would think that we would be looking for SR Transfers, so we don’t risk the numbers on the upcoming class…

I’m also curious on the Lawson brothers from Oregon…

I’m reminded of that awesome very short guard on the Atlanta Hawks about 15 or so years ago, 5’6 Spud Webb

Yes, Spud was something. A little closer to home, here in the SEC, when it comes to short guards, my first thoughts go to SC’s, Devon Downey. He was one of my favorite SEC players, not on the Razorbacks. He was listed at 5’9", so he was probably 5’ 7 or 8". I believe he led the conference in scoring his Sr year.

He could score from anywhere on the court, including a few slams at the rim. I remember Downey, almost singlehandedly, beating KY one year. I would love to have Lykes if he is even close to Downey in ability.

Spud won the dunk contest at nba all star weekend one year.

Well I’ve been on record saying we need more dual-threat guys because quickness is very tough for a defense to handle especially if they are good shooters as well, look what Baylor did to Gonzaga…Dudley says he can play, he can play… Get on the Muss bus Lykes.

Look at these highlights and tell me you’re not impressed totally impossible to stay in front of this dude.

Assuming he’s fully recovered from the ankle injury that took him out this season… wow.

Muss took us to Elite 8. Final ranking of 6th. He wants him. Just watching video highlights its obvious he would be right there with Devo as a fan fave. And yet some of you experts want to question whether Muss should bring him on. As always, some top notch brains on the internets…

I guess your referring to me as a “top notch brain” for asking about a 5’7 guard. Thank you for being so kind :roll_eyes:

It wasn’t long ago that a short, cat quick, fast all everything kid was asked to move on because of his size…see Justice Hill.

Forgive me for striking up conversation Bert.

This kid has game… or at least he did before his injury. I have little doubt he will have game again. Watching his highlights at various places show him cat quick as both a shooter or driver. Something we have not had in some time.

Now that being said… all the above was about offense. My one concern is will a 5-7 guard be a liability on defense? I’m sure Muss considered this as he is not the type to leave any stone unturned in my opine, and if Muss offered, then he must think there is a place for him here.

As for the comment about a comparison to Justice Hill, I can only speculate since I didn’t spend much time watching Hill in the past. Hill was a freshman, at that point unproven against power 5 competition, whereas Chris Lykes spent several years against power 5 competition. Here are some stats to look at for comparison. In my opine, Chris is the better of the two TODAY, in 3 more years maybe Justice will have passed him, but maybe not.



Lykes was preseason 1st Team All ACC and 7th in voting for preseason POY.

I was not bringing up Justice for stats comparison. I was just saying that Muss’s M.O. is tall rangy guards. Jimmy Whitt and Jalen Tate for example.

All I was ever saying is that it seems strange that Muss would take such a small guard when he’s never done that before. I’m all for whoever Muss takes because he knows way more than me.

To be totally honest I was just striking up conversation but of course it has went off the rails.

image I really lyke him.

I don’t think you said anything wrong, Jeff. Muss typically doesn’t like small guards, but this Lykes kid is the kind of guard that typically torches us. It would be nice to have someone like that playing for the good guys for a change.

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Cat quick. Very few defenders will keep him in front. Interesting option for sure.

I watched 10 minutes of highlights and can’t remember an assist. Perhaps that’s just the way the highlights were cut. So, looking at his career stats, he has 2.7 APG. When he has the ball, he’s primarily looking for his shot, not others’. Just an observation.

Coach Muss knows what he’s doing for sure, but, for me, this option surprises me more than excites me.

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I kind of look at that like ,he may HAVE to score for that team, that there are not many options so he has to be more aggressive,given more scoring options you may see him get many more APG…

I’m thinking the same thing. The U just isn’t very good. I looked up the stats for the 2019-20 season. The Canes took just under 60 shots per game and made 42 percent of them, which stinks. Lykes took 17.4 percent of the team shots. He didn’t lead the team in assists, finishing just behind a guy who played five more games than Lykes did (groin injury; hate when that happens). But nobody had very many. I would guess the Canes, not just Lykes did a lot of one on one stuff.

I’m also liking the 81% from the line.

Kind of like Notae was 1st half of the season. Dribble to shoot. But Lykes has much better handles and quicker. May take some adjusting to the Muss system, but I can see a nice fit here.

If Lykes really wants to go pro after next year, he will have to become a big time facilitator … I’m guessing Boykins will help him understand that.


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I think he will be fine.Miami wasn’t very good and he had to score,if we surround him with offensive talent like I hope,he will get 5,6 APG IMO