Chris Lyke

I didn’t realize he was so solid. Looks like an SEC running back in this picture. #11

I think he is #11

Who is zero? He looks like one of those wide shouldered 6-10 power forwards that Alabama, Auburn, MissState, etc. always seem to have serveral of. Can we get the names for these players in this team photo?


0 S Umude G Gr.Sr. 6-6 210
1 JD Notae G Sr. 6-2 190
2 KK Robinson G So. 6-0 180
3 Trey Wade F Gr.Sr. 6-6 220
4 Davonte Davis G So. 6-4 180
5 Au’Diese Toney G Sr. 6-6 205
10 Jaylin Williams F So. 6-10 240
11 Chris Lykes G Gr.Sr. 5-7 160
13 C Moore G Fr. 6-5 195
14 Jax Robinson G So. 6-6 185
20 K Johnson F R-Jr. 6-7
21 C Arbogast G So. 6-3 170
23 C Vanover F Jr. 7-3 215
45 Lawson Blake


Thanks, These guys look ready to tee it up. Physicality isn’t likely to be a problem.

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Yeah. And Chance Moore (#14) looks like a Junior from a physical standpoint.

The team, as whole, looks like the Florida roster when Billy Donovan was there.

Is it just me or does every player that’s standing and is listed at 6’6" look taller than the supposed 6’7" Johnson?

This is excellent. Umude is listed at 6-6 and Jayline at 6-10. One of those is wrong. I am thinking Umude is over 6-7 at least.

I know Devo is 6-4 so Toney has to be at 6-7 too. We got us some big guards. There is little difference between Robinson, Umude, Wade and Toney and Robinson is 6-7.

Going to be jumping around like they are on pogo sticks.


Lawson Blake is listed at 6’10 225

It’s the angle of the pic, look at the seats behind them. Umude comes up to the second row, Williams comes up to the 4th. Just for reference, Blake also listed at 6’10 comes up to the 4th

Edit: But I agree, I think Umude maybe closer to 6’8 than 6’6, Umude is standing next to Wade (whose also listed at 6’6 and Umude looks taller

Those seats appear to be one step up from each other. Steps are normally around 7". Now 7" in the distance WILL appear shorter than 7" fifty feet in front (that is perspective at work). So, to be accurate in the guessing, we need to find some spacing we think is correct and count how many seat levels fit that space, divide that dimension by the number of seat levels, and you can get a pretty accurate comparison from one player to the next. So, if Blake is 6-10 and Robinson is 6-7, there are two seat levels from the top of Robinson’s head to the top of Blake’s, so, in perspective, each seat level is about 2" at the point where the back row players are standing. That makes Vanover 7-4, if all of that is correct.

All I know is that I wouldn’t want to meet Au’Diese Toney in a back alley brawl.

If you look at the alignment, it’s not straight across. It’s more of an arc where the outsides are closer to the camera. That would make a shorter person on the end appear taller in comparison to someone closer to the center.

I guess we won’t hear: “Go get some men” by the opposing team.

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