Chris Low sez Drew Sanders best defender thus far

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Interesting, that he didn’t list Bama’s Will Anderson like everyone else has assumed.

Especially after Anderson took a tipped pass for a TD and stiff armed a would be tackler like he was swatting a fly. That was pretty impressive!

Anderson was terrible v Texas

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During the preseason, there were multiple talking heads that put the race for Heisman between

tOSU QB - CJ Stroud
Bama QB - B Young
Bama LB - W Anderson

If Drew Sanders continues this pace of play I think he should be getting some press for that, and if he was at Bama or tOSU I’m sure he would be, but its hard to get that mention if your at Arkansas. I remember they really had to push for DMAC to finally get in the talk. I think we can all remember Nutt after a monster game yelling out to Mark May “You better get him in there”

Still I could not imagine Will Anderson and Drew Sanders both in there at LB… Damn Bama must be pissed about it. Very Good fortune for Arkansas.

Agree…and, likewise, our linebacker group’s tackling was not exactly top-shelf against Mizzo State. Inconsistency with overruns although the fourth quarter was filled with the anticipated high level of performance. I am glad we have Drew, Bumper, and the remainder plus a much-improved front.

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Howsomeeever, wasn’t there a thread here a week or so ago that discussed KJ and Rocket as being mentioned in the Heisman race?

Interestingly enough, there was a story yesterday about a “straw poll” of college football writers for the Week 3 Heisman. Sanders was mentioned, but not Drew. Rocket got a third place vote from this straw poll group. Seventeen players got votes; Rocket was tied for 11th with his one vote. Anderson was 7th. Stroud and Caleb Williams at SoCal were 1-2, followed by Stetson Bennett.

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