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Nothing really new here but a good read.

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Aloha and mahalo Jeff for the article! Stay safe amigo.


I tried to tell you guys…back when everyone HAD to have Kiffin…or Leach…or whoever. But I don’t write for ESPN, so…

From the article linked in the OP…

"They all said the same thing, that 'you just got the best hire in the nation. He’s not flashy and not one who’s going to come in and blow smoke up your butt, but he’s going to be the one who works harder than every single person who was on that list,’" Morgan recounted. "That’s all I wanted to hear, and that’s what we needed in a head coach. He’s not worried about being flashy or what’s on social media.

From my post in this forum, Dec 8th, 2019:

"I also think the value of a “name” coach is way, WAY overblown most times. It’s kind of like recruiting…fans love to puff their chest and boast about how their school signed Billy Five-Star and your school didn’t. In the same way, having a “Name” coach temporarily makes Joe Alumni feel “better” than his buddy who went to a rival school. But “Name” coaches don’t always perform the best, just like 5 stars don’t always make All American football players, and first round draft picks end up as busts.

After the PC announcing the new coach, what REALLY matters is how he relates to and commands respect from the players (and the staff he assembles). How organized he is both in leading the team and in recruiting, how effective he is as a recruiter, etc. Look at Jimbo at A&M…BIG name, but he’s also under BIG pressure to win BIG, and so far he has not. On the other hand, who knew who Dabo Swinney was when Clemson hired him?

I’m not a Pollyanna…I know our football program is at a critical juncture. But I’m also just not convinced that we HAVE to have a BIG NAME coach come in or else we’re doomed. I’m just not. It’s about getting the RIGHT coach."

Do you ever post on acenet ?

Does anyone have David Bazzel’s number? I’ve been thinking for a while now that the awards circuit at the end of the year should include something that recognizes the internet poster that most gloriously pulls up old posts and reminds everyone how smart/brilliant/prescient they were back when. No one does it better (or more frequently) than Wizardofhogz, and we should definitely name the award after him. Bazzel seems like the perfect person to get this project off the ground, so if you have his contact info please forward.


It’s so wonderful to read something positive and uplifting about The Arkansas Razorbacks again

I won’t take this for granted again - just sit back and enjoy

Not expecting a win this weekend so I’m preparing myself fir a loss

But my hope is always a win

Amazed by these throw back Razorbacks

Very happy with them

Go Hogs Go!

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Hey hollywood…go ahead and make fun of and ridicule me all you want. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last to do so. It goes with the territory.

But, also note that when I made a post like the one above, it IS accompanied by “documentation” that makes my point. To say it another way, I couldn’t make “all of these” posts IF I hadn’t really said or posted the things I am later able to verify - by quoting or posting links to prior posts. I do see others do this, from time to time, just not in the volume that I do. Make of that what you will.

As to why I do it? Frustration, probably. After more than 2 decades of posting on sites like this, there have been so many times that I’ve made a post articulating a position that was either unpopular, or way ahead of the curve. Most of the time, the reaction (from most folks) is to disagree, make a snide comment of derision, post a response disagreeing with my out-of-the-norm perspective in favor of the mainstream “conventional wisdom”, or no reaction at all. Rarely do many other posters “get it” and jump on board at that time.

Then, as time goes on, and my position gradually proves out, people also gradually change their perspective. Not in all cases, mind you - but many. So, eventually, what I posted ahead of the curve and was almost universally rebuffed for posting (in real time) becomes the new “conventional wisdom”. I start seeing posts and articles from the media that essentially regurgitate something I posted months (or, in some cases, years) earlier. You just shake your head.

It’s kind of like that situation where you’re in a strategy conference with the boss and his “inner circle”, and you make a bold suggestion that the rest of the room shouts down - tells you why it won’t work, how ridiculous/risky it is, etc. They go a different way, but then several months (or a year or two) later, the boss (or, perhaps, a competitor) implements the suggestion you had made in that earlier meeting and everybody hails it as a genius move, as if it had never been thought of or discussed before. And even people who were in the meeting with you seem to conveniently (or, legitimately in some cases) forget that you ever brought it up.

The other side of it is that I don’t have a lot of patience with people who talk out of both sides of their mouths. I’ve seen a lot of posts where people say “I knew it all along”, or words to that affect…but they have nothing to back it up. In some cases, you may even remember that a certain poster - in fact - was on “the other side of the fence” earlier, but now claims to have always been on “this side”.

So, I’ve taken a stance of being accountable. I know that’s not popular in current society anymore for many (most?), but it is for me. And that includes posting when I make a claim or prediction that turns out to not be correct - and I’ve done that many times as well. Not nearly as frequently, but still, many times. People who joke about my posts documenting the times I’m right never seem to remember that other posts I’ve made about being wrong.

Speaking of that - and, not trying to hijack the thread (just being responsive to your post) - there is something I’ve needed to post for a few weeks now, and just never have gotten around to. And that’s that I was incorrect when I predicted last March that “we probably would not play college football this fall”. Now, I will say that my basis for saying so was valid; if we’d have all known the Covid infection and death numbers we are all living with today, I doubt many would have thought football was being played. But, we are - so I was wrong.

I’ll also say that, selfishly, I’m very glad we are…in this crap-hole of a year, it’s given me and others something to look forward to and get our mind off of very serious issues going on in the world for a few hours each week. I commend the SEC in particular, and the college administrators and coaches for implementing and managing to a process that has held up as well as this one has. I’m still not sure we’ll be able to finish the season (with the current spike), but I never thought we’d get this far, so my “hat” is off to them.

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I wasn’t trying to ridicule. I was definitely poking fun at you…

Sorry Bluegrass, meant to reply to Wizard.

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No problem GHG

I knew the response was directed to my post; suspect Bluegrass and most other readers did as well.

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LOL…I was waiting to see who the first simple-minded person would be to trot this tired cliché out. Congrats…you win!


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