Chris Crutchfield

Being reported we stole him from OU. Looks like a big time hire. … redirect=1

Multiple Ark media reporting this…

Always leaked to the national guys first so when you see one report something it’s very likely to be true.

RD noticed EM followed him on twitter earlier today and wondered if there was something to it and then boom. Also followed Notae today as well so I’m guessing that is gonna go boom boom soon soon my man.

Nothing official on Crutchfield yet, but expect it to happen soon.

Done deal now per twitter.

Like most fans, I don’t have much of a sense of who is who in the world of assistant coaches, but on the surface seems like an excellent hire.

You never know how much assistants have to do with that, but landing Buddy Hield and Trae Young sounds pretty good on the surface.

Have to say that it looks like 2 excellent hires for assistants.

Crutchfield is said to be a recruiting guru. Got some studs to OU for sure.
Awesome hire.

Upon visiting the OU Boards that precisely what he is…their best recruiter and they are none too happy about this.

Love it big time that we procured him from OU!!!

We are slowly re assuming our place in college basketball.

High expectations are back.

We have ceded our program to lesser programs enough.

It’s an absolute shame we have fallen in NCAA tourney appearances to others these past 16 years or so.

Time for high expectations and acting like we expect big time assistants at a place with high expectations again.

I can’t fully explain what has happened to us better part of last two decades of some flashes but mostly middle of the road. No knocks at anyone and Mike did his best and will love him forever and hope he gets a team to final four as well.

But it’s time for Arkansas to act like a big again.

Sometimes a change is good for all.

What he said ^^^^

Why do you think they leak to national media first? When Jeff Goodman broke the Rotnei Clarke transfer story, we blamed Rotnei for talking to national media first. But it seems he is not alone.

Positive pub nationally helps more than local.