Chris Burke little Smarty

Talking about gates didn’t have to dive for that ball…

Burke is a little guy trying to find relevance in the analysts booth. He like to hear himself talk.

Yeah I don’t think him and Chris Peterson get along because they were kind of going back and forth one game on some stuff and they have not had them together since then

What did he say??

And when?

In the SEC Now post game interview with Gates, they asked him about it (whether he had to dive), and he basically said he thought he did at time of the play, but seeing the replay they all laughed as if agreeing, he probably didn’t have to. I thought the dive assured he caught it. Otherwise, it may not have happened. On another note, they also questioned what in the heck the review was all about. That - the review, was just short of ridiculous imo.

This is what Gates told me afterward:

“I don’t know if I had to dive or not, but I felt more comfortable diving. More importantly, we got an out and we got out of that inning with zero runs."