Chris Beard's best chance to

win a NC?

Texas Tech or Arkansas?

He is making a strong case he can win one wherever he hangs his hat.

Well, at this point, I’d have to say at TT. Arkansas isn’t even in the solar system for one. Heck, TT could run this thing with that defense. Sutton always said that we could win if we keep the game in the 50’s. Not sure Michigan is getting out of the 40’s.

Texas Longhorns

Tubby Smith left Beard a 19-13 team that was one-and-done in the Dance. Beard’s first TT team was 18-14, no postseason play. Last year, Elite Eight, 27-10. This year, about to be 29-6. He could do the same at Arkansas, I have no doubt. You have to visit Lubbock to truly appreciate what a godawful place it is.

That’s what the rumors are here in Austin. Texas Tech would be livid but TX is building new state of the art arena and unfortunately is set to take a big step if they can bring in a Beard type.

EOE-A is headed to New York for the NIT semifinals. Dunno if anyone’s ever been fired after winning the NIT, but if somebody will do it, it’s Texass.

Do you think Arkansas chance to hire him diminishes if he keeps winning in the tourney? I wonder if Tech can outbid Arkansas to keep him in Lubbock? Lot of oil money down there.

Yes, anyone making the FF will be out of the question. At the same time if we poach a coach coming off a FF, then welp we will be relevant almost immediately

Read this and tell me you still think Chris Beard would leave Texas Tech for Arkansas. Not gonna happen. … 36321.html

If he had stayed at UALR-Little Rock he would already have one.

I hope I live to see the day that Arkansas pays top 5 money for top 5 expectations

There is more to that story…AD had the agreement w Beard but the UNLV rule at the time was their board had to approve any hire
and they weren’t scheduled to meet for two weeks…Beard couldn’t get started on his recruiting or anything until the board met and made the approval. The story says 19 days…but Beard was in Limbo most of that time waiting on the approval. Caused an uproar in Las Vegas, and the rule was changed to where the AD could make the hire without the Board approval. … -9-4-vote/

Lot of talk about Texas stealing him…he is a UT graduate. NO CHANCE he comes to UA. But it will continue to be posted until we make our hire.

After reading that I believe he’s never leaving there…man you would think they would give him anything he wanted to stay.

He will leave for Texas next month. Buzz is going to A&M, Texas and Shaka mutually agree to part ways because Va Tech wants Shaka to replace Buzz and Beard goes to his dream job, Texas. Trust me, that is his dream job. Straight from the horse’s mouth.