Chris Beard to Ole Miss

Keith Carter is doing a great job at Ole Miss. CBS is reporting Beard is going to Ole Miss. They now have two of the best coaches in the NCAA in both major sports.

I hate Ole Miss, by the way…Blowhard U.

They’d better have an ironclad misconduct clause.

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He’s a great coach but there will always be a lot of drama surrounding him… he has a chance to do very well …there is a lot of basketball talent in Mississippi and Memphis is right there at his doorstep. Just built a beautiful new arena I got to feeling they are going to be a very serious Challenger kind of like Mississippi State was this year when they hired the guy from New Mexico state.

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I can see this being short-term. He comes in wins 20 / 25, goes to the tournament a couple of times, maybe gets to the Sweet Sixteen and then off to greener pastures.

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Has the stench from Oxford reached Hattiesburg yet, Billy?

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He’s certainly not worried about character. Kiffin has proven to be a good coach. Not great. And the baseball coach is certainly a jerk. But whatever.


No we good in the Burg!


Wonderful. Another scumbag coaching in the SEC. Questionable character abounds. And yet here we have fans obsessing if Coach Muss gets too emotional after a loss. I’ll take Muss over any Coach in the Conference.


Good coach; apparently the bark is better than the bite.

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If Beard wins at a really good rate, which I fully expect, he will be in high, high demand in 2025-26, assuming no more off-court stuff intervenes. The chances of him staying at Ole Miss for more than two or three years would be pretty remote.

Presumptively Texas is off the list for good, and the Texas Tech people probably have not forgiven him. But he would have lots of suitors, maybe even including Arkansas, if Muss decides to move on in a couple of years.

Probably a good hire for OM in their hopes of rebuilding their program & being a contender. Beard will be highly motivated to prove himself & perhaps not repeat his legal & criminal issues. However, any substance abuse challenges may be hard to overcome, assuming those rumors from ut & TT are true. No doubt that OM has strong conduct & character clauses in his contract - even though character is not in OM’s DNA.

If successful, not sure OM would be long term for Beard unless they pay him well. SEC basketball just became more competitive, same as football & baseball.

Great coach…Lots to make up for. As prev poster said, in year or 2 when and if muss goes, he’ll be at top of our list…watch and see.

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Not saying Ole Miss can’t have a strong basketball program, but not sure it starts off anywhere near Texas Tech did much less Texas. The SEC appears to be as competitive in basketball as football. Ole Miss and Georgia were the only teams in the conference that were not a very tough out.

I expect Beard to do very well at Ole Miss … the transfer portal and homegrown talent will probably help to make it happen sooner than later … I also expect him to live alone.


I don’t know, maybe he can be Kiffin’s wing man for a night on sorority row.


I don’t expect Beard to completely unpack this year, if he has success his first year you should expect a uhaul truck in his driveway when season ends. WPS

What kind of person was he at UALR? PJ, I’m sure you knew him. I sure never heard anything bad about him then. There’s no doubt the man can coach!

I talked to Chris just a couple of times. Not enough to get a character evaluation of him. It was mostly basketball talk. But I know the past and present athletic administration well. Never heard anything negative from them about Chris. But he was there only one year. Maybe not long enough to get in any trouble. I agree with you. He can flat out coach.

The SEC has some very talented coaches that’s for sure!

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Regardless of how good of a Coach Beard is, I would never watch another Hog Basketball game during his tenure. Which will happen when He’ll freezes over. Having a wondering eye is one thing, violently attracting a women is quiet another.