Chris Beard ripping thru Transfer Portal

No one has done better than Chris Beard and Texas in the Transfer Portal. An already impressive haul got bigger with addition of Marcus Carr today. Marcus was trying to decide between Texas and an overseas contract.

Texas transfers are Carr, Timmy Allen, Dylan Disu, Christian Bishop, Tre Mitchell and Devin Askew.

For his Top 45, once again he has Arkansas too low and Auburn too high. Arkansas has to be in Top 10 and ahead of rest of SEC. if you at all the SEC rosters, that should be clear to anyone.

Beard is elite

It is to Gary Parrish, the undisputed best when it comes to college basketball



Texas also got a commitment today from a 5-star player for 2022. :roll_eyes:

When he took the Texas job, I read that he had assembled an amazing staff of assistants. Guess that’s proving to be true.

Arterio Morris, a special PG. He is from Dallas. Watch Beard keep the best players in Texas.

Careful, LD, that’s a 15-yard penalty—and the season hasn’t even started yet.

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Muss is elite too, he took us to the Great 8, with three freshman on the floor.

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Without question

…and Muss beat said coach to get there! ghg

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Elite at what? Oh, you mean coaching?

Yeah, I concur he’s pretty doggone good at that. And he’s proving to be a great recruiter as well.

It’s unfortunate he took the job at the one school we collectively hate the worst as Razorback fans.

Aside from the Kentucky Wildcats, of course.

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Folks from my generation would argue that we hate no one more than Texass….


Based on talent alone, UTexas is probably the best team in the nation next season.

Gonzaga is still the most talented. They may have two first team All-Americans. I think Zags will finally do it next season.

Respectfully disagree. I believe Texas and Kentucky are both better than Gonzaga next season. The Zags champ. drought continues.

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