Chris Beard Love Fest

Ok some of y’all need come out and declare your allegiances now. This guys has way too many fans around here. Without a doubt the most over rated coach on this forum. The raiders had a mediocre season at best.

With that said the hogs have had a bad couple of games lately turning the ball over and we better get that corrected asap like this afternoon or this gonna be a bad match up for us. Still I’m not too worried since I know we will be ready with a coach of the year candidate and a potent offense. Two things Texas tech ain’t got

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The Beard fanboys are going to be having nocturnal emissions for the next 48 hours or whenever we play on Sunday.

I think Beard is an excellent coach. But I’m glad we got Muss instead.

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I am sure Beard is a good coach and that Tech will be a very tough game, but in watching the Hogs, it seems that Muss is as good at in-game adjustments and pulling the right strings as I can remember. Give the heart of this team a great deal of credit as well, it seems they do not seem to think they are ever out of a game, regardless of score or circumstance.

When we had an opening and Buzz was possibly available, I thought he was the one, but I do not think he is the Coach that Muss is and anyone would be choose to be an Aggie has to be suspect. I know others were all about Beard when Mike was let go and he would have been a good choice, but Muss is proving to be a better one.

With a good plan and team with a lot of heart, it seems we can be a worthy foe for most if not all teams in the tournament. Of course, only one game is important, that is the next one. Go Hogs.

Some of that admiration for Beard is leaving after Sunday… their starting lineup is topped off with a 6-6 center. We control the boards and win.

I’ll give Beard his due. He’s a heckuva coach, but so is our guy. If I had to bet on it, I would bet that Muss wins an NC before Beard does.


Chris Beard is to Hog basketball fans what Mike Leach is to Hog football fans. (Or he is what Leach was to Hog football fans until about mid-October 2020)


Beard is an outstanding coach. Team was national runner up last NCAA tourney. Beat TX twice and LSU in Baton Rouge a few weeks back with personnel not as good as that final four run.

I don’t like this match up in second round by NCAA to us.

I think we need improve our half court O.

But I think Muss can punch the right buttons and win.

I think we are better team.

Will have to be most physical team imo.

Allegiance has and always will be to the Razorbacks.

I hope it’s ok to highly respect another coach and program and still be a Razorback on this board.

Nothing would be more satisfying than beating Tech and making sweet 16.

Come on Razorbacks let’s do it!!!

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You can respect another coach without slobbering every time his name is mentioned.


I respect Beard. I agree he’s a good coach. I just don’t think he’s the second coming of John Wooden. To read what some on here post, he’s the offspring of Wooden & Dean Smith with Adolph Rupp somewhere in his family tree.

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Maybe we can all agree that we don’t like Scott Drew and what has appeared an ethically challenged program at Baylor.

After beating Tech, how great will it be to beat Drew and go to final four!

This beard needs a trim!

That didn’t come out nearly as intimidating as it did in my head.


He’s a beardless Beard. You can put the clippers away. Along with the toothpaste.

Chris Beard is the head coach of the TT Red Raiders. The only coach I’m concerned about is our head coach.
CEM will put a game plan together and have our hogs prepared to plan the game. Once the final horn sounds we will don’t talking about this issue.

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