Chris Beard charges dropped

The DA and Beard’s attorneys came to some kind of agreement. We’ll find out in due time. Don’t be surprised to see Beard back in coaching in a year or two. Probably somewhere here in the SEC.

Well the damage is already done! He has been fired by the Shorthorns! He may still have a hard time getting the next job.

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The next employer has been forewarned…Beard is a liability waiting to for something to occur…and a suit to be filed. There is probably a program in desperate straits that will take the risk. …Heck, Should Pearl leave for some reason, Auburn would take him.

Auburn don’t care about a checkered past.

Beard is a complete natural for Auburn. Maybe as coach-in-waiting on Bruce Pearl’s staff.

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Charges dropped. Zero-employment policy for people accused of a crime that DA opts against prosecuting? Tough crowd.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up in Jonesboro if the red wolves make a change.

Somebody that’s smart and bigger than that will scoop him up pretty quickly, IMO. Hope the Whorns suffer the same fate we did for Long’s stupidity in firing Petrino.

figure Hermit Davis is probably done at Ole Miss…wouldnt be surprised to see Beard named as the Head Coach after the SEC tournament

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Ole miss?

Maybe. Beard knows basketball. Beard knows alcohol so depends on which program wants the risk.

Too good if a coach to be out of chances like billy Clyde at this point in his career

Carter is the AD. He is from Perryville. I don’t think they will hire him but they did hire Lane Kiffin. Anything is possible. I just hope our hogs ever consider hiring those type of coaches in any sport.

Now we’ll see if Beard sues UT on his way out of town. That may depend on whether he gets another HC gig this year, which looks iffy.

Certainly, he can file a suit but recall the terms of the contract that he signed gives the University of Texas the right to terminate for cause without recourse on an arrest. A Conviction is not required.

A second point would be filing a suit for wrongful termination given the circumstances would place him front and center with a modern equivalent of Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter tattooed on his forehead. Public Employers would not want the firestorm initiated by a reaction resulting from any future similar transgression. You don’t hire folks that sue their employer.

I’m sure Texas went through all the legal scenarios before he was let go. When I saw the dropping of the charges, I instantly thought his GF decline to go forward on the case and evidently that’s the case. That’s a not good look for Beard either way.

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Beard is damaged goods, no doubt. I don’t see him getting a Power conference HC job this spring, it would be very difficult for any admins to take the heat this soon. That also may be true for any mid-major school other than the truly desperate.

I think one or more schools will probably quietly bring him in to do “consultant” work in the next year or so, and then we’ll see if he can land an HC gig for 24-25.

If he hits a stone wall trying to get hired as a HC, at some point he’s very likely to sue, to “clear his name”.

I assume he’ll have to go mid major and rehab his image for a few years and then get a big job.

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Damn, you Petrino-worshippers refuse to remember that (a) Petrino’s recruiting had gone in the tank before he hit the ditch, probably because he was more concerned about recruiting cute blondes, and (b) Petrino has a limited shelf life everywhere. The longest he’s been anywhere was season 5 in his Louisville return, and by the 4.8 mark he’d completely lost the team and got fired in midseason. And that was after having a Heisman Trophy winner, who he completely stumbled into (Lamar Jackson was the #51 recruit in FLORIDA that year).

I remember thinking after the 2011 season that we were going to be in trouble in 2013 because we were losing a lot of people like Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis and didn’t have good replacements. The trouble just arrived one year earlier.

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I see a lot of coaches with scandals have resurrected themselves. But I don’t think there is a case of coach accused of abuse of women resurrecting himself. Is there?

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