Chris Beard arrested on felony charges

Felony assault on a family member -

Just saw that, man that is insane. I thought it was a joke or something but I don’t think it is.

Not attempting to say this alleged behavior is acceptable anywhere, it is certainly not, but one would think Austin might be even more proactive in dealing with such behavior. It will be worth watching how this plays out, if proven guilty will UT’s athletic fortunes drive the decision?

I’m seeing FELONY arrest, still in jail awaiting bail.

Wow. By including household member, this would be restricted to wife or child, right? Unless he has a brother or brother-in-law, or similar, living with them. 3rd degree felony, I believe is the least felony, if convicted, but probably includes incarceration.

Sad situation. In times like this I always feel the tough questions must be asked…

… what does this mean for Ronald Holland?


Wow. Wow. Wow.

If I’m not mistaken He signed a letter, not just verbal.

Crazy deal. Most likely, the felony comes from cutting off the airway of another person. The holidays are a stressful time for a lot of folks. I feel for his family, the alleged victim, the university, the current players, the recruits and their families, and Mr. Beard, who may be suffering from mental health issues. None of know at this time what happened in this situation. In fact, it may a bold face lie, and he deserves justice, but until then, unfortunately, a lot of folks will make assumptions and a lot of folks with be affected as a result. In fact, no matter what happened, things will be affected and change.

They could release Holland, as we did with Andre Iguodala when Nolan got fired.

If he actually tried to choke somebody, I can’t see him surviving this as a coach.


Austin is blowing up right now.

has been booked on a third-degree charge of “assault of a family/household member impede breath circulation,” or strangulation.

That is pure anger.

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Remember Bobby Knight was his mentor. Sad, sad, sad….

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Well he has 3 daughters and a wife, likely it was a female he was assaulting, If so that will be even harder to stay employed public pressure will be immense.

Terrible situation for all, even if it is Texas. . . .


Oh, I can, in our two-track justice system. He just needs help and understanding, not punishment.

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Police respond to A LOT of these calls. Many times they are “he said, she said” situations, which don’t result in an arrest, even when they seem bad.

This does not sound like one of those situations. There must be physical evidence on the scene for a charge like this.

As it should be.

Exactly. And not only was it an arrest, but it’s a felony charge. That means it must have been BAD.


This was my first thought as well.