Chris Ash

out at Rutgers. That has to be the toughest job in the Big 10

Has any coach out of Wisconsin been able to take that system and succeed with it elsewhere? Right now, Georgia, Stanford, and Wisconsin are it as far as power football working at the top level. Besides Bielema and Ash, there are several other former Wisconsin assistants who have not made it work elsewhere.

Don’t think he took the offensive philosophy to Rutgers.

Ash was a defensive coach. He do not think he ran Bielema’s offensive system at Rutgers.

I saw an article about them having 7 offensive coordinators in 7 years. One of the early ones tried to run a “power spread” which they ditched the next year. I think most head coaches who come from the defensive side of the ball prefer power to spreads. Like Kirby Smart, Bret Bielema, and Nick Saban until a few years ago. Ash appears to have tried to do the same but abandoned it.

I think my question still stands: “Has any former Wisconsin coach been able to take their system elsewhere and succeed?” I think the answer is no since Georgia and Stanford don’t have former Wisconsin coaches and I wonder why? I really enjoy watching Wisconsin’s offense.

Getting to the point, ah, it’s refreshing and interesting to see a college team run a pro offense and huddle up, ha! Was the beauty of college football, wasn’t all the same thing like the NFL. Seems like
most everybody is now running basically the same offense. Even Harbaugh sold out. That one was hard to figure, you change the offense you as head coach are most familiar with to run the offense 75 % of college football is running.

I don’t think Wisconsin is like any other place and it is in the Big Ten. I rest my case. Can you go try to be like Wisconsin in a place that’s not like Wisconsin? No. So maybe that answers the question.

Only 4 HC at Wisconsin since 1990…Alvarez, Bielema, Gary Anderson, and current, Paul Chryst.
Andersen runs a completely different system, Chryst was Bielema’s OC and was 19-19 at Pitt but they did go to 3 bowl games, winning 1.

I think every coach picks up bits and pieces from every stop. He started coaching in 1997 with stops at Drake, Iowa State, San Diego State, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Ohio State before Rutgers.

I just don’t see him just being a Wisconsin guy when he was only there three seasons.