Choose your Own Adventure Re: Hogs/the UK 2G

Ok just having some fun, here. I know we don’t get to pick and I’m not even sure the 2nd scenario is possible but, it’s just for fun, so pick one.

Which would you choose:

  1. Hogs lose the SECCG in a UK rout, get the 9- seed in the Midwest in Tulsa, beat 8-seed Va Tech and Buzz Williams in a sloppy nail-biter opener and then get their doors blown off by #1 seed KS and Bill Self, who should have been the UA HC when we John White hired Heath.

  2. Hogs roll UK in Nashville for the SECT title in a 15-point win in which the UK 2G, after scoring 9 points on 3-15 shooting, is Ejected in the final minute for throwing a punch after being dunked on by Moses, ending the UK 2G’s college career as he is suspended for the first game of the NCAAt and UK, a 2-seed, loses in the first round to #15 seed Northern Kentucky in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, Arkansas jumps to a 6-seed but is upset by 11-seed, play-in game winner K-State in Tulsa.

Obviously scenario 2 would go down as a historic moment in program history haha. That would be talked about for decades.

I would take scenario #2 in a heartbeat. Beating Kentucky, Calipari, and the Arkansas traitor would be priceless. I have never wanted a win over Kentucky more than I do in this game. We need to add some hardware to the the trophy case. It will take us playing our best game of the year, but I think we can do it. Go Hogs!!!