Chizik at the half

“I see one of the best coached football teams in the league right now, on both sides of the ball. We talk about Barry Odom and rightly so. But this defense looks like these guys have been playing for Barry Odom for four years. You never see a guy out of place. When they throw the ball down the field, sometimes there’s not just one guy defending but two.

Watch Jalen Catalon, an unbelievable pick six right there. If you look at these guys, at times it looks like they’re playing with 12 guys. Never out of place, and they’re very physical. When they arrive at the point of attack, they hit you.”

Y’all, he is talking about the Arkansas Razorbacks!


I saw that,too, Marty. Feels good to be relevant again doesn’t it? Now, let’s get some rest and get healthy and better and keep this going! WPS!!!

It’s great to be 3-1. With only a loss to UGA, the Hogs deserve to be ranked.


That is the way Arkansas is suppose to play. Not that stuff that I could not bare to watch the past few years. Very seldom have we had the most talented team, but we play hard and hit. Grant Morgan is a Razorback. One armed and will not come off the field except with a Pick 6!

How about our walk-on with 3 picks in one game? Of course, he was a 2 star so we know we should not have him on the team. Yeah right. those are the type guys that go to war for you.


Broyles Award coming up. And Pittman is building strong support for national coach of the year. The turnaround is astounding.

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Yeah awesome to hear everyone talking about us… We better enjoy this because Odom will be sought by many for HC jobs

You’re right Marty. It is great to be 3-1. And we’ve beaten 3 of the 4 that I most cherish beating.Now if we can just beat those swamp critters, the sweep will be complete.

Will anyone be able to afford to fire their coach with the current state of things and take Odom from us?

Open the vault, not the petty cash one but the one hidden and no one knows about vault. Coach Odom can be very comfortable in NW Arkansas for a very long time.

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I heard him chiz talk a 'lil smack but more importantly for me I heard ALL 3 jump on the OM train before the game as who they just knew would win this game. EAT that crow all week boys.

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I love that we will blast your a$$ just love that we will hit you. We are beat up but when we get bigger and stronger we will hold up much better. But they don’t care if you have the ball this defense will blast you. Love it.

Make him the next Brent Venables.

I didn’t see the pregame stuff, but at halftime and afterward both Cheezwhiz and Doering were giving a ton of credit to Odom and the D.

I’ve noticed when the hogs attack the the opponent whom catches a pass or running the ball and deliver the wood they haven’t been drawing the flag for targeting! That’s a huge change from the past and that’s coaching. The only head that has dropped on a play was Brown whom got hurt!
The coaching hire and Staff that Coach Pitman has assembled is a vast improvement over what these players have had the past few years.
The SEC network crew has taken notice and talking about the hogs! In my view our hogs are 3-1.
The same players and a complete different climate in the locker room and the way they play. Give the offense time and they will also come alive. Once the Oline gets beefed up the running game will improve. I’m proud of our hogs.

I never dreamed we could play defense like this with the players we had from last year. Grant Morgan is playing like an all-SEC linebacker and up until this year, he was just a sub…not any more. He and Bumper Pool are my favorite players. They are not the biggest or the fastest, but both of those guys are football players. I am really shocked at how well our defense is playing.

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