Chip Long?

He and Notre Dame have “mutually” parted ways though I’m not sure why. Was a Broyles award runner up last year and set a bunch of Notre Dame offensive records.

The style they play seems similar to Pittman’s description of what he wants.

He was a GA here under Petrino.

Why would he leave ND to come here? I don’t know. He might be rejoining Norvell at FSU. Thought I’d throw it out there.

FSU hired Auburn’s OC so doubt that position is available for Long now. As you noted , he was highly thought of last season and had another good one this year. Not sure of the issue here.

Yeah he is highly regarded. Some thought he was the next big up and coming HC.

Would be a grand slam for us. But probably a long shot?

Hopefully Chip Long is not a long shot. Would be a good fit for A.rkansas

I would love to see the list of coaches who contacted Coach Pittman to say they are interested in coaching here. That’s a long list to cull through when selecting the staff. I have to think he would want to hire the OC and DC first though, although Davis as O-Line might have been an easy one given Pittman’s background.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him emerge candidate for some head coach jobs or pair up with Norvell as the OC at FSU (Former Memphis assistant). Would be very surprised to see him leave ND for same job at Arkansas

They already hired an OC at FSU. Kenny Dillingham.

There might be some smoke here. ND writer text me saying he thought Chip might be coming.

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Former GA under Petrino? Correct? Maybe Arkansas had the same effect on Long that it did on Pittman.

Would be massive. Trying not to get my hopes up…

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Yes, he and Biagi.

From 2009:

Good stuff. Hope for a homecoming.

He is a complete hard $&$& and very hard on his players including a lot of “colorful” language.

Personally think this team needs a lot of tough love - tough love helps create a tough team.

That said, does this align with Pittman’s style?

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Sign me up

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I liked covering Chip. He was a straight shooter. Petrino had his GAs coach the tight ends, so we would talk to him on occasion, which is rare for GAs. He reminded me a lot of Petrino in how hard he coached his players and in some of the things he would say in his interviews. I doubt that changed much working for someone like Brian Kelly.


Matt, any idea what happened? Do you think he had a falling out with Kelly? Odd announcement. If he left for another job usually don’t say mutual decision.

The team stats have not dropped off this year. Sounds like they are replacing him with longtime Kelly coaches from the staff. Sounds like some conceptual disagreements and they both want to move on.

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No clue. You don’t see a lot of coaches work for the Saban and Kelly types very long, and I think a lot of times it has to do with how difficult it is to work for them.

But, but…he’s been here before. :sunglasses:

Chip is a good dude and has gone out and earned his stripes.


Tyler Wilson totally thought the players need more coaching from people like this.

I’ve always thought the top leader, CEO type, shouldn’t be the constant “heavy”. Certainly, they need to be ABLE to do it but I think you really need that coming from your assistants. The only way to get tough in games is to get tough in practices first. Some of the basketball guys hated CNR when they played for him but of course loved him afterward because he brought out the best in them.