Chip Long as OC?

Have no idea who this person is, what or who they know. Just saw this tweet while I was checkin’ out Rakeem Boyds’ twitter account. From my point of view if its not from someone I know or normally follow I tend to ignore it. Anyone know anything about this?

Here it is…

This board has got to cool it with the random and/or obviously fake unidentified, unverified twitter posts. Sorry Votan…it’s just been happening a lot lately.

Do they have a blue check mark? If not, how many followers do they have? Who are their followers? Still unsure, it’s highly unlikely to be real.

There are probably 1,000,000 illegitimate tweets to every one real one.

It’s one of the reasons the world is so messed up, from sports rumors and beyond.

I’d stay away from anyone on Twitter who doesn’t have a checkmark by their name or someone you know. There are A LOT of troll accounts out there. This is one of them.

Great minds think alike.

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That’s why I said I tend to ignore things from people I don’t know but he got a reply from Rakeem so I just thought I’d post it. I think its probably just diddley squat, but I have heard Chip is a candidate.

There are plenty of trustworthy media members on Twitter who do not have verified accounts.

Fixed it for you votan.:smile: