Chip Carey puts me to sleep

I watched a little of the Blue Jays-Cardinals game. Chip Carey is no Harry or even Skip. Bring back the ultimate homer, Dan.

I guess it was because Dan McLaughlin talked continuously! Brad Thompson is not Mr. Excitement either. I do like hearing Jim Edmonds’ stories. I would like Dan to come back but he has serious personal issues he needs to work out.

The nice part of MLB TV is usually you can listen to the other team’s broadcasters, not the Blue Jays :frowning: My favorite TV crew is Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, & Keith Hernandez to bad I have to watch the Mets! LOL

I loved chip!! hated to see him leave the Braves…

The bad news is that MLB TV is no longer on You Tube TV.

I watched most of the opener and Chip was fine.

Prayers for Dan. I really liked him.

Rick Horton was my favorite analyst. Is he strictly radio now?

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Ricky is just radio, now. I do like listening to the radio broadcast reminds the days when I would listen to KMOX at night hoping for no thunderstorm/sunspot interference.


No. I’m loving Chip. He stays focused on the game and is a real pro. Much prefer Chip to Dan and Brad to Ballgame.

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Your loss our gain Billy. Chip came home and St. Louis is a much better place to live than Atlanta.Makes me feel ancient knowing that Chip is now 57. I was living in Atlanta when he came up to join the TBS crew,as a wet behind the ears 26 year old. The Cards really hit it out of the park when they got Chip!

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Yeah I totally understood why he did it…home is home! He will do he is normal great job!

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