Chip Brown (Texas insider) on SEC schedule

Hopeful that permanent yearly rivals will ut, OU, & LSU. That gets us the exposure in states & nationally where we should & need to recruit effectively to be competitive.

As much as I dislike ut & concerned that ut game will become too much focus for Arkansas fans, that is a natural rivalry that should be renewed & gets us exposure in talent rich Texas. The national television exposure that we need helps Arkansas, especially if we can be competitive & win our share of the games.

OU geographically makes sense & maintains our recruiting exposure in OK & TX. Like the ut game, we get national exposure with an OU game, assuming they can regain their prior elite status.

LSU rivalry was always a strong one for both schools & we’ve had success in that game & in recruiting Louisiana. Again, LSU has national recognition which improves our national exposure.

Expect & disappointed that Missery will be one of our rivals. Game does not excite our fan base or anyone & does not benefit Arkansas national exposure & recruiting. Ole miss game has usually been close/exciting game & gives us exposure in the heavily recruited central/eastern side of the SEC so that game perhaps helps us to recruit & cherry pick some great talent. aTm gets us exposure to Houston market but that is already well recruited by aTm, ut, & LSU.

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Seems to me that the SEC office has been forcefeeding the BLR and they’re not going to drop that. Personally, I’m tired of losing to Misery and we need to take that series into complete control.

Texas seems to be a given too.

They could give us OU, or LSU, or A&M, but of those I think A&M is the most likely. But again you get into the jigsaw puzzle. If you pair A&M with Texas and LSU, that only leaves one spot; who gets it? Us? OU? Moo U (cow colleges wearing maroon)? Misery?

I just think UT, Misery and OM is the most likely option, but none of the three schools I listed in the last paragraph would surprise me if it showed up on our list. If they paired us with, say, Florida or the Poultry, that would surprise me.

It was signaled good soon after it cleared the line of scrimmage. It was sailing towards the middle of the uprights when Tommy Bell said good and ran off the field. He didn’t wait to see where it went, well wide of the goal post and no good. He had blown the previous kick dead. That kick was good and he did a make up call. There should be no make up calls, but they are scattered throughout sports history.

I thought that was the offer to get the teams against 9 games, mostly have nots, to agree to go with the nine conference game schedule. Is that now not the case?

Seems that OU vs Arkansas makes sense due to proximity & another potential cross-state rivalry. For similar reasons & for purposes of regional competition, could otherwise see OU being realigned with Misery & aTm from their Big12 days plus ut. Arkansas & OU also have some history as well but that was long ago.

Too bad Misery can’t move to the Big10, where they have wanted to be since before they joined the Big12. With ut joining SEC, that only grows their desire to be in the Big10 or elsewhere since ut was a big reason they wanted out of the Big12 (same for NE, CO, & aTm).

I am sure these are part of the discussions & considerations by the SEC alignment deciders. Any deadline for this to be determined?

Gosh, I wish what happens makes sense. I have little hope that it makes sense. I’d let you do it because it would make sense. These folks in Birmingham are unlikely to make sense.

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I’m hearing at or before the SEC meetings in May.

We know Arkansas will get the shaft. That is a given.

I am probably naive, again, but I think having Texass as our almost guaranteed upper tier team and Mizzou as the almost guaranteed one of the lower tier teams is a good deal for us. We always play the Shorthorns well and Mizzou should be the likely win each year more so than any other possible team except maybe Vandy, which we have no chance to get. That just leaves OleMiss or A&M or LSU for the third every year opponent and, if that has to be a lower tier team, that means its OleMiss. We always play the Flopnecks well with good fan enthusiasm for the game. Watch them give us Bama, Georgia, and Texas and then you will be right.

I agree. Texas has not shown anything in the last few years to indicate they are actually an upper-tier program. In their own opinion only.

For our three, Texas over A&M to have a constant recruiting presence in Texas, LSU for the same reason in Louisiana and while the Missouri game is not as attractive recruiting wise, it seems to be a given.

I’m not that worried about recruiting presence. We have recruited Georgia well despite only playing in that state once in the last 13 years. And with the new schedule, we’ll play everywhere at least once every four years.

I think that the shorthorns and miz are givens. I would prefer to play (and beat) the rebnecks every year, since I now despise them (almost) as much as the teasippers. Even if we don’t play each year, we will still see them often.

I keep seeing people saying Missouri is a sure win or easy or something like that. They have kicked our butt all over that battleline. They may not be considered a big time program, but they sure have owned AR. Last Nov., they took our Oline and totally smashed it. If we are going to play them, we need to step up and do it and keep our months shut for awhile.


Exactly, Jim.

Yep, we should have built up rage for Misery. I do.



More doing and less talking about Mizzou.


My preference is more playing a team that fits our tradition and history and less playing Missouri.


I’m fine with that as well, but I’m just tired of everybody looking down their noses at a team that consistently kicks our butts up between our shoulder blades.

It really doesn’t matter who our three permanent opponents are relative to how hard our schedule will be year in and year out. We will be still be playing every other team in the SEC twice every four years. I want three permanent opponents that I enjoy playing every year. For me that would be TX, LSU, and Ole Piss.

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