Childress out at A&M

Per Kendall Rogers (D1 Baseball).

No surprise

That’s no surprise. The SEC is such a cutthroat league and nowhere more than in baseball.

You got that right Marty. Plus they are Aggies down there.

Would be interesting if Paul Mainieri of LSU ended up at Texas A&M. Rumor is he is out at LSU and will be looking for a job.

20-6 outside the SEC; tough in the West.

I figured we’d hear that today since A&M didn’t make it to Hoover. I figure we’ll hear about Manieri as soon as their season ends—assuming they don’t make it out of a regional.

I’m not surprised either. The Aggies lost a lot of games in the Wild West.
The SEC is rough. LSU might pull up he plug too and who cares if they do. I don’t.

On the Aggie board which by the way has zero rules on profanity evidently some very colorful adjectives used condescending towards Childress who had been successful most of the time there until this past season. Candidates mentioned were Tim Tadlock TTech; TV TN; Schossnagle TCU who seemed to be the preferred candidate. As usual Aggies think you can purchase a SEC championship with their money.

I know that you are aware that there are some Arkansas boards which allow lots of things that are not allowed here. :grinning:

Your right I’m aware of that lol. I am amazed at the lack of class and treatment of outgoing coach by posting on some message boards under the auspice of freedom of speech and opinion displayed under and assumed name on a message board. I view those type posts as cowardice knowing that the same things posted about an individual would never be said to the individual in person face to face. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Or as my parents taught me if you can’t say anything good about someone don’t say anything at all. I’m sure I’m part of the minority regarding posts of those type.

One wonders…if Hobbs does indeed get lured away (to a college Head Coaching job, or MLB) if DVH would re-unite with his good friend and long-time pitching coach?

I wondered the same… but quickly answered myself: unlikely.

First Vitello, then Johnson, then Thompson, now Hobbs. DVH hires over the past decade or so have been younger, forward thinking coaches who have a newer school approach (technology, analytics, etc).

Just guessing here, but I would think Childress would be closer to Dave Jorn than Matt Hobbs, as far as his technological savvy and approach.

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I would suspect that DVH has a list of those he would consider, sort of like JFB had for head coaches.

So is Hobbs more likely to be a head coach than Thompson?

I was unaware until I saw it on SEC Now that Childress had been so successful at A&M. Not sure he should have been fired. But assuming it was time & A&M can do better, it is disgusting the way some fans relish a coach losing his job. Even a coach who needs to be replaced rarely does something that justifies the wrath & condemnation some fans seem to enjoy pouring onto him.

You make a good point @neastarkie. But I’ll admit I enjoyed seeing Gus fired just a little too much. :wink:


I think Childress is a good coach, but Texas A&M has not been performing at the level of its peers the last few years. In addition to the SEC West, they are up against Texas, Texas Tech and TCU in their state.

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Being an aTm coach who is not a contender will quickly get you fired. After decades of being runner-up in TX & in the shadows of ut during the SWC/Big12 days, Aggie fans are impatient & will use their deep pockets to buy championships in every sport. Aggies joined the SEC for national recognition & to sever any association with ut. Can’t blame them.

Well, now that you mention it, I kinda enjoyed that one, too. :rofl:


The names that are being mentioned for TAM are Tadlock at Tech, Schlossnagle at TCU, Godwin at East Carolina and Vitello.