Chiefs just ran a QB sneak with the TE

It didn’t work either.

Tight end ran up under center, took the snap, Kelce and others tried to push him from behind. Nope. Didn’t make it.

They do it a lot and it usually works

Little different doing that when you have a QB with an injured leg and he can’t get big push than doing it when you have a big strong running QB available.


Ever since Mahomes dislocated his kneecap on a sneak, they have done it this way.

Been several years

One thing I wished we would do is get the game film of how Kansas City uses the TE.Hasz is it going to be a great player he may not be Kelce but he can run the same routes. A lot of delay release routes which are almost impossible to cover because they sell run first. A lot of hook routes where he’s going down to fit all the sudden just turns around hooks back in. Almost impossible to cover. I would be watching their game film day and night learning all the ways they use the tight end especially in the red zone


Hope we see these plays from our Hogs.


Do you think our OLINe will be able to provide the time needed to do this?

Something else the Chiefs do with Kelce, including one of their touchdowns last night, is run some very nice pick plays (they ran another one later that was called OPI). You don’t see that as much in college. Dunno if the college rules are different or if college schemes aren’t sophisticated enough.

Well I don’t think we’ll have any choice because if we don’t you won’t be able to run anything. I think a lot of our problems with sacks was KB like to run a lot of vertical routes with not a whole lot of check down opportunies so KJ was stuck holding the ball…That makes it really hard for an OL to keep these SEC DL out for three or four seconds it’s just not going to happen. I think Enos will have the ball out of his hands quicker with passes to the tight ends and running backs out of the backfield.



That’s exactly right Jeff you are allowed to pick within one yard of the line of scrimmage. I don’t know if it’s allowed like that in college either. I do know that a lot of other teams pick us, so the refs are not calling it hardly ever,so we need to start joining the party and running a lot of them because it’s going to get somebody open every time.

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Not to sing the praises of Petrino, but I think he like to run those “rub” routes. I won’t call em picks because those are illegal. :slight_smile:


The rules are different in college

In college blocking cannot occur until after the ball is thrown
In NFL it can be before the ball is thrown if within a certain distance from the LOS

Kansas City uses a rub concept to spring a receiver or back coming across for TD in the red zone. They line trips to one side and send them all across the formation, creating a lot of traffic for a back to come open in the flat


Yeah I wasn’t sure about the rule in college but in pros you can pick within one yard of the line of scrimmage.
I just see a lot of teams run them against us and KB I don’t think ever ran one that I can remember.
Enos I believe it’s going to run a lot more horizontal plays as well as using the middle of the field and screen passes.

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Youdaman point well made. My experience says if you lack a quality offensive line play running vertical routes even at the high school is set up for failure against quality defenses.

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I hope you’re right. I have thought too much read at times leads to too much standing and not throwing. I like the idea of pre-snap passes, where KJ just needs to focus on one accurate/timely pass to one target as quickly as possible. That would likely be the TE or slant, which we need. It would also take pressure off the line. I wonder why we didn’t see that with KB. those were usually WR screens in the flats.

Youdaman, I remember a few games we were both screaming that the little swing pass to the back out of the backfield was WIDE OPEN… they were totally not covering it and we just didn’t seem to see it or wouldn’t throw it.

Then lo and behold they did it… and it went for like 20-30 yds, then we never saw it again the rest of the game, but it was still there.

It was things like that where I’d really be pulling my hair out and wondering why are they not taking what the defense is plainly not covering.

I may be crazy, but when I find something that gets me good yardage, I’m gonna milk that cow til it goes dry. Run it until they stop it. We never seemed to do that or have that kind of mentality.


Yeah football is a very complicated game in that you can run all kind of plays from all kinds of different sets but at the same time football is not a very complicated game!! the one thing you have to remember the defense cannot cover everything they’re always going to be open areas in every defense, usually the middle of the field is the weakness to every defense .

The great LSU offense of 2019 when Joe Brady came and took over as OC they ran 66% of their passes inside of the hashes because they wanted to give the ball to the receiver where they had room to run and make big plays and when you had a quarterback like Joe Burrow and the receivers they had that’s why they scored more points than anybody in history… the defense has to be able to cover sideline to sideline

I remember Edelman the little wide receiver from New England telling one time how they took what the defense gave them and abused them
He said when I lined up on the outside if the defensive back was inside of me I knew to automatically run an out route and so Brady knew that as well, if the defensive back line up on my outside shoulder I knew to automatically run a 10 yd in route and so did Brady. If the defensive back was lined up straight up on me I ran a 10-yard comeback pattern all those routes are uncoverable if your timing is right.
Just make the defense cover the entire field and call plays in an unpredictable fashion where you get the defense on their heels and not sure what you’re going to do and you will have an offense that is extremely hard to stop

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I learn so much about football from you, Billy. It’s almost like you coached it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: