Chiefs Cut Kareem Hunt … atest_side … xempt-list

because he can play still, unlike Ray Rice he will be back. Chiefs still have Tyreek Hill the pregnant girlfriend beater…

who believes it took months to see that video?

Cleveland cops sucked in their handling: … 2c125.html

Chiefs fans are pretty much disgusting: … 185&page=1

It took some courage by the Chiefs to do this. Not a Chiefs fan but respect them a lot more now.

I am a lifelong Chiefs fan. Ive been torn about how they accepted Tyreek Hill, but I eventually accepted it, albeit begrudgingly, because of his contrition and willingness to pay the price. I’m sure touchdowns didnt hurt, but I like to think I didn’t condider that.

I dont believe a man should strike a woman except in a matter if life and death. Unfortunately today’s culture doesnt value or respect women. Its all part of the breakdown of the family unit.

The Chiefs did the right thing. He did it, he lied about it to avoid paying the price and when someone finally sold the video to TMZ, he was proven a liar and canned.

Good riddance

Raiders will pick him up.

Spot On.