Chief fans pretty quite here

Just so everyone knows, this 49er fan might not be haha congrats to the Chiefs. I like Andy Reid and any fan group waiting 50 years to get back in I’m happy for.

Go 49ers

I’m still shell shocked. I was born 5 months after we last went to the Super Bowl.

Huge hit by Greenlaw :boar::boar::boar:

Congrats happy for you guys…happy for Andy and the fans

:red_square: :yellow_square:
I well remember the last time that the Chiefs went to the Super Bowl. I was driving from Neosho, MO to OKC to see my college boyfriend. I listened to the entire game on the way there. I never got to see the game, other than highlights.

I’m watching this one. GO CHIEFS!!

Life-Long Chief fan here. I was 2 1/2 in January 1970. Have attended close to 100 games in Arrowhead. Just soaking it all in tonight.

Last year’s ending was so tough.

I won’t be trash-talking, but imagine we’ll show up in Miami.

Happy for Dre but I was really looking forward to a Super Bowl 1 rematch. Since my son played youth soccer with Harrison Butt Kicker Butker, I’ll be rooting for the Chiefs.

Should be a great game, probably gonna come down to who has the best def and I like ours.
Go 49ers

I started rooting for the Chiefs as a kid while watching Super Bowl IV against the Vikings. I was watching with my Dad and thought the Chiefs were the Hogs because of their red uniforms. The family got a good laugh at my expense when they realized what was going on. Nevertheless, I’ve been a Chiefs fan ever since.

Go Hogs (and Chiefs)

I was a little surprised to see the Chiefs are a 1 1/2 point favorite. The way the 49ers have been rolling, I expected to see them a 1-3 point favorite.

I’m with you Harley, the 49ers have such a talented roster, particularly the defense. I expected them to be a 2-3 point favorite. The best team from each conference is in the Super Bowl, so let them have at it. I really like Kyle Shanahan…what a great young coach.

The 49era defense is insane. Their offense isn’t all that. Chiefs have a good (not great)defense and an awesome offense and they have Mahomes.

I see the game as a push.

It’s gonna be a lot of fun to finaly have my Chiefs in the super bowl.

Love when people say that, “offense ain’t all that” you realize they were 7 th total offense in the nfl and #1 rushing team in the nfl to go with the #1 total defense right? I’ll take that offense outta 32 teams all day. Now if they hold the 49ers run game down and the def lets Mahones run around we could be in trouble. But our run game is much different than the Titans and I’m not to impressed with the Chiefs def, if we run the ball, the game gets way shortened keeping the Chiefs offense off the field. The Chiefs better not get down double digits like has been there pattern… just saying

I don’t have a dog in this hunt but my thought is that this has the look of what will be a very good game. KC seems to come into the games, see what the other team is doing then adjust accordingly. It’s amazing how they seem to be so good later in the game. SF has a very good running game and nice passing game to compliment it. Will take solid play by either team to win the game. I’ll probably be pulling for KC simply because I’m a GB and Cowboys fan…(I know, long story) but when it comes right down to it I’m hoping for a great game that comes down to the wire!

I remember that game…

… it was right after Joe Willie and the Jets shocked the world.
Shocker # 2 that day. The upstart league made it 2-2.

I guess we will see in a couple weeks.

Chiefs are getting better on defense by the day. Gonna be a fun game.

I wouldn’t call myself a Chiefs “fan” but have never disliked them either (been a Cowboy fan since I was 7 years old, and that was a long time ago). That said, my son just moved to KC and has quickly adopted the Chiefs as his team. I will root for the Chiefs. For now at least, they have been elevated to my 2nd favorite team.

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