Chickens not highly impressive thus far

Kinda looking like they did during that losing streak that let us back into the race for third place. And OM is playing pretty well. Still a long way to go but a Bear victory looks very possible.

If you’re wondering what effect this game will have on our RPI, answer is none. We played both, beat both, and the bump one gets will be offset by the hit the other one takes.

Hey, I prefer Ole Miss in the tourney

Well, if the Rebs win tonight and then win on Thursday, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

One item to consider: If we get the 3 seed, we’d play the last game at about 8:30 on Friday night and then turn around for the second game at 2:30 on Saturday. Whereas the 4 seed gets the 2:30 game on Friday and the noon game on Saturday.

Bears now up by 20. Looks like we’ll be staying up late Friday night.

Yeah, but the 2 seed (Florida) most likely gets Vandy. So, 2:30 on Saturday may be a very exhausted Vanderbilt (if they beat Florida again I think they’re in) would play us. Whereas SCe or Bama will get KY at noon on Saturday. All about who we play. Avoid KY until the finals, let Vandy leave it all on the court against Florida and we are golden.

I think Vandy is in the Dance right now, certainly if they beat the Moo U/LSU winner on Thursday. I have a feeling the Gators will chomp all over the Dores if they get the third chance on Friday.

Vandy gets a bad draw in Texas A&M. Vandy is short on depth and not particularly big. A&M is “guard poor”, but Vandy isn’t really the type of team to stress A&M’s backcourt. I expect a close game.

Vandy won the regular season meeting 72-67 at Memorial Gym, so predicting a close one is probably a good call.