Chickens go on probation

For their part in the FBI basketball investigation/scandal. Two years probation for an assistant coach accepting bribes. NCAA accepted their self-imposed sanctions. No postseason ban, but SoCar isn’t going to be in the postseason anyway. Show-cause for the guy who took the bribes, who was fired and pleaded guilty.

Important part here, I guess, is that we have a punishment for a school that was involved in the FBI case. Which means we’re closer to nailing Show Cause Self and SAO.

Hasn’t LSU/SAO already submitted their in-house sanctions to NCAA for basketball? No response yet.

They self-imposed in football but not in basketball.

Oh yea, they trying to separate the 2. So as not to get Program outta control.

NCAA has not given them notice of allegations in hoops as far as anyone knows. Still going through all the stuff the FBI gave them.

Also, in spite of the self-imposed football penalties, the combined football/hoops case has been assigned to the independent review panel. Which is exactly what LSU hoped to avoid.

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That Independent Review panel is slower than a congressional appointed special prosecutor. Either that or the panel is waiting for another larger bribe from LSU before they find cheaten’ Will Wade totally innocent! It’s ridiculous this is still not settled and Wade fired!


I agree it’s ridiculous. They’re blaming the pandemic. None of the schools assigned to the review panel have had any action taken, including Memphis and NC State. And Kansas, which was caught on tape the same way SAO was.

Swine I thought the NOA from the NCAA to LSU contained the numerous level 1 violations on the basketball program too!

Nope. Hoops hasn’t gotten a notice of allegations. Or at least if they have, they haven’t made it public (which wouldn’t surprise me, because it would kill SAO’s recruiting). We do know that the NCAA chief of enforcement wrote last July that Wade made or offered impermissible payments to at least 11 recruits or people around them, including that notorious SAO. That was in the 30-page letter he wrote asking that the case be referred to the independent panel.

@MattJones, you should put in an FOI request for the NOA or any other correspondence from the NCAA over the SAO. If those media weenies in Loozana won’t do it, we will…

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