Chickens beat Vandy in SECT opener

Took 11 innings for the Poultry to win 7-4. Vandy, which threw a guy who had only two starts in the regular season, is eliminated. Although, to be sure, the reliever who gave up three runs in the 11th gets the blame for this one; the starter gave them a chance to win.

Misery and the Gaggies just started. Bears-Allbarn and Moo U-Jawja later.

Misery leading ATM 11-7 in the sixth inning; now in a weather delay. Misery threw their best starter, Tanner Houck. The Gaggies threw a guy who we faced for an inning Saturday in garbage time. Houck gave up seven earned runs, so it wasn’t a great start, but the Aggies’ guy only lasted an inning and the two relievers (including Chafin, who also pitched Saturday and would be the loser at this point) haven’t been any better.

Missouri held Houck out of his start last weekend with the theory that him pitching in the SEC Tournament would be more beneficial to the team’s postseason hopes than him pitching against Tennessee. It looks like it worked.

Any idea if all of this rain, plus the extra inning game earlier will affect the Hogs? i.e. will they get the Miss State game in tonight?

Supposedly Misery-TAM will restart at 6:25. Unless it starts raining again.

The OM-AU game is already more than 90 minutes delayed. No telling how long it will take to finish this one, plus 30 minutes or so between games, plus three hours or so for the OM-AU game itself. I think I remember one year the Hogs had the late game and they started at 10:30 or so, but I can’t imagine them starting a game much later than that.


The SEC tournament game vs. the future luggage in 2015 began at 9:34 and lasted just one minute shy of four hours. Florida was the home team and they were leading going into the ninth (4-6). Benny Baseball homered, Numura walked, and Bobby Wernes hit a bomb. Zach Jackson pitched the bottom of the inning and it was finally over.

As I recall, there was no change of start time for any games on the next day.

That Bobby Wernes home run against Florida a couple years back makes me think there isn’t a curfew at the SEC Tournament. Wasn’t it like 1:30 in the morning when that game ended? Mississippi State-Georgia might be playing into the morning.

SEC network just announced that Ole Miss versus Auburn is the last game of the day. Moo U will play tomorrow. That probably means we play Thursday morning.