Chickens beat Florida

It appears that K. Allen got in serious foul trouble. Four fouls and one point in 18 minutes, oh-fer from the field. If he’d done that at BWA we might have won anyway. Poultry now 5-0 in league, Wallets drop to 5-1.

Bama won too, beating Misery by 12 at Tuscaloser to go to 4-1 in the league. They get @ Auburn, @ Jawja and Moo U in their next three, so we’ll see if the Scum are pretendahs or contendahs before they come to BWA.

Oddity for this early in the season: There are no ties in the league standings until you get to the four teams at 2-4, which is eighth place at the moment. The top 7 all have their place to themselves.

Florida shot 0-17 from 3-point range, and Allen scored 1 point in 19 minutes.

Incredibly ugly game. Fifty-five fouls. Florida had a sizable halftime lead but then scored almost nothing for a long time in the second half. The Gators’ bad FT shooting killed them.

I don’t remember another game in which the loser shot over 50% from 2-pt range and the winner shot less than 30%. South Carolina had an 8-pt advantage at the line and a 12-pt margin for 3-pointers.

Kentucky lucks out this season - their only regular-season game against South Carolina is at Rupp.