Chibueze Nwanna said he will

announce his decision on Wednesday.

He said he’ll announce around 3 eastern.

you still think he signs with us?

Yes, after hearing he’s announcing on Wednesday.

That would be fantastic news RD!!! Thanks for the update sir!

sounds good,he’s a big guy for sure.get him in here and work and some things he has potential to be a good OL.

I do see in another thread right after this one that you are concerned with Maryland being back in the picture RD. Does that seem to be the case still or because he was just here and announcing Wednesday the reason you feel good about the Hogs. Just curious and certainly not holding you to anything. Thanks.

While Maryland is his home and adds a second team to the mix for the announcement, but I’m feeling all Arkansas.

Pronounced Chi-Buze Wanna?

I just said hey Big Fella.


Hey big Fella :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

probably the safest way…the big fella will need a nickname :sunglasses:

I hope you were careful in how you said that to him DD… :lol:

Is he announcing tomorrow or Wednesday? I saw another thread that said tomorrow but maybe they meant Wednesday like this thread has indicated???

Nwanna of Lackawanna. Looking forward to adding him and Iron Myron to our O-Line mix.

The Oline sure needs some players that can make an immediate impact. I’m hoping he can step in and play next season.

Another service is indicating that this maybe next Wednesday. Can you or Dudley clarify if it’s today or next week? Thank you

Never mind got my days mixed up (thought today was Wednesday) tweet makes sense now

This Wednesday.

We need these two bookend OT’s.

Adding him to the newcomers and holding tight with our other commitments seems to be a great first step to getting the ship pointed in the right direction. Keeping my fingers crossed on both counts. WPS

Perfect nickname … CHEWY, (Chewbacca from Star Wars)