Chibueze Nwanna commits to Hogs

Two targets in two days. … mits-hogs/

wow, the Coaches have done a heck of a recruiting job. Hands down the best for Arkansas that I have ever witnessed

Welcome to hog nation, we r glad u r here !!

Welcome aboard!! need him and Cunningham to stay healty and lock down these 2 OT spots…Says left OT I thought Cunningham was going to be there…

If Cunningham and Nwanna are as good as their hype, the O-line in the last two days just became vastly improved. Welcome, Chibueze!

Thankful the young man wants to be a hog! Great job by our coaches. Time to get to work in January.

I just hope these guys get here in January. Would be huuuuuuugggeeee to have these two go through off season strength and conditioning and Spring practices.

FWIW, he called Fry yesterday afternoon and said he was coming,



These last 2 days have been big for our program to move forward quicker in my opinion. We need OL that can come in and play next season. This also helps increase my confidence in this staff to recruit the OL position.

Being it seems JUCOs need some time to adjust to D1 play, I hope these kids come in and get to work. I sense CCM knows what needs to happen to get his system rolling. Hopefully, this will grease the wheels.


Doesn’t appear to be any reason they wouldn’t be.

Cunningham was a qualifier out of high school and went to Western Illinois.

Is there someone announcing tomorrow to? Do we knw what days these recruits we’re on will announce?

That’s great. Cunningham won’t need that dreaded SEC required math class. I always worry about the JUCO non qualifiers out of high school because of that dumb SEC required math class. The SEC really needs to kill that rule. I believe that the SEC is the only power 5 conference that has that particular rule.

…I don’t even know. Big Nasty?

Great to have the 2 big fellas, wish next season started next week lol


Another huge (no pun intended) pick up by this staff!! Such a major need and they landed to dudes that will be here in January and get started in the weight program and on the playbook and that is a major plus for the future of the OL!! Great job again coach Fry and CCM!!!