Cheyenne was a man today

In fact that TD catch was downright Bodieacious.

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O’Grady’s blocking was good, too. I watched him. They ran behind him several times. Good blocking by a tight end sets up everything. He’s a complete player right now. The offense revolves around good blocking by the tight end that converts to receptions for that player. If you fake a block, the defender reacts and then you are open by two steps. The bootleg passes are designed with that in mind. I thought O’Grady played a good game – before the TD catch.

One of my favorite Razorbacks was Ben Cleveland. He came in highly rated and flipped from the Gators following Gus to the hill. He was great (IMO) at sealing the corner for our RB’s. An excellent blocker and team player.

Tight end play fascinates me.