Chevin Calloway

will be riding up with his step-father Brad and uncle Theotis, who was one of the three uncles that was with him for the spring game.

Theotis is a sergeant with the Dallas PD while Brad is a corporal. Rawleigh Williams III’s father is a detective for the police department.

Edmond and Anthony were also with Chevin for the spring game. All of three are huge Razorback fans. Anthony and his wife will also be at the game.

I originally thought he was riding up with Rawleigh Williams Jr. and family based off of a text from Jr. but that’s not the case.

Hire the whole family for the UAPD force! Go Hogs! We need this kid! :smiley:

Close family ties. Love to see that.

Hope he becomes a Razorback.

He has several younger cousins that might get some looks in the future. Of course, they’re being raised as Hog fans too. LOL