Chevin Calloway

hosted Robb Smith, Vernon Hargreaves and Paul Rhoads for a visit today.

Chevin said they discussed the Dec. 9-11 weekend for an official. If not then it will be in Jan.

He and Bishop Dunne play in the state title game against Bishop Lynch on Sat.

Colorado and Ole Miss are the other schools he’s planning to officially visit.

Nothing has changed my thinking. I expect him to be a Hog.

Did Robb tell him that if he comes to Arkansas he’s less likely to get injured compared to his other choices due to the fact Arkansas never tackles anybody?

(I kid. I kid… mostly)

that’s pretty silly to put on a post for a kid we really need

Ha! That’s good stuff.

is his name pronounced like Kevin?

Is it too much to ask (and honestly it maybe, I get that) when there is info like this instead of just saying “Chevin Calloway” (or who ever), it was something like “Chevin Calloway, the running back from Denver, Colorado…” (or whatever)

I follow recruiting SOME. There will be always a few big names who I know who they are without any prompting, but frankly, most of the time, like this time, I don’t know exactly who Chevin Calloway is. Is that on me? Sure. And if it is asking to much, I truly mean it when I say “forget it.” Heck maybe I am the only one who needs this type of prompting. If so, for sure it isn’t worth the extra work.

Just a suggestion, ignore it at will!

I am sure many on here will say “if you don’t follow recruiting enough to know that without being told you don’t follow recruiting enough to matter” and that may be in fact true. I get that.

Will do.

He’s from Dallas Bishop Dunne. Same school of 2019 DB Brian Williams.

Thanks. :slight_smile: And I just got through reading your article on him!

No problem.