Chelsea went #5 to Dallas

My little sister married a man 5 years younger and they’ve been married since 1983. Now 65 and 60 yrs old. Age never mattered then or now

I think you mean Moses, Maestro.

Chelsea was born in May 1997, Moody in May 2002. So five years apart. At my age five years is nothing. When you’re 19 five years is a lot bigger deal.

I thought her and Isiah Joe were an item a couple of years ago.
Just maybe they all love being friends and supporting their fellow Hogs. Anybody thought about that.

This is how rumors get started lol.

How much Money is 1st round in WNBA?

She can buy the beer Swine

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Yep, but given the discrepancy in what they’ll be making he’s paying for it.

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Fifth pick in the draft, which she was, will make about $67,000. There’s some signing bonus money in there too but straight salary is $67K.

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Buying the beer is the cheapest part of dating.

OK thanks, I thought I had heard it was something like that.

OMG…that’s what I get for being in a hurry. Good grief. My bad.

Don’t beat yourself up, Maestro. We all have our moments, lol. Marcus and Malik just don’t happen to be very popular names around these parts, and I doubt very seriously anybody here DVR’s the TV show “Monk.”

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