Chelsea went #5 to Dallas

That was 5 spots better than ESPN projected. Congrats to Chelsea!

When they brought Chelsea and family on the screen, Moses Moody was beside her. The TV interviewer, Holly, didn’t even recognize him as being there. But, that’s OK, it was Chelsea’s night. It was cool for Moody to be there supporting her.


Dang, I missed it. You didn’t happen to record it did you, Harley?

Destiny went to Washington with the second pick of the second round, #14 overall.

Sorry. No I didn’t. post draft analysis:

A fantastic scorer, Dungee will team with another player who can fill up the bucket in the Wings’ Arike Ogunbowale. Dungee plays at a fast pace and is terrific in the open court.

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We need to offer their potential future children RIGHT NOW!


Thanks, Swine. I got off work too late to catch it live. That’s awesome!

Great! That can’t hurt CMN’s recruiting pitch!

I wonder who’ll be Arkansas next draftee?


Think Sasha myself.

Let’s let 'em stay here awhile!

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Do they date or just friends?

Let’s hope they are more than just friends. LOL!

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I hear ya Brother!

If they’re dating, Chelsea likes 'em young :stuck_out_tongue:

Young and rich :slightly_smiling_face:

I think its really cool if Moses and Chelsea are dating. Moses is a handsome kid…and Chelsea is stunning. She is movie star gorgeous. Far more importantly of course, they both seem to be total class acts, and will represent the Hogs so well for years to come! Oh…and they can both BALL…and I’ll be watching them as pros. It will be a pleasure.

Glad to see the mutual support.

Hey, she is only what three years older than Moses? That is not much difference at all.