Chelsea Dungee

is the best basketball player on campus.

Has a Chip, uh I mean boulder on her shoulder per CMN and he put it there.
Wonder how many SEC coaches still think she’s 2nd team All-SEC. She was only the 2nd leading scorer in the conference & best FT shooter in the conference.

They won’t overlook her next season! There will be depth added to the team next season that will help her!
She is flat knocking down shots. Fouling her is bad news because she is money from the free throw line.

Dungee is a heck of an athlete. What were coaches thinking not putting her on 1st team? What kind of kool-aid were they drinking? We got season tickets and really enjoyed the girls play. It is really a different kind of game than the guys. One thing that is nice is girls stay for 4 years unless of course they transfer, which means UA will have Dungee for 2 more years!

We are lucky to have this team. MN is coming on strong

You may be right ! WPS

Watched her in hs and she was studly. Goes to OU and doesn’t mesh with Coale. I was thrilled when hearing she would be a Hog. I knew she would be a big help but never expected this. Will be fun watching this team play in the NCAAs hopefully this year but for sure next. Love MN as a coach. His girls just seem to love him. That says a lot.

The hogs aren’t even sniffing the bubble. The only way I see them making it is beating A&M today and win tomorrow aginst The Miss St / Missouri winner’.

We are much improved over last year when after Dykes, all but 5 players transferred out. And, even last year, we improved over Dykes’ final year. The last two games have earned us a bid to the WNIT.

I know they were not a bubble team. I said"hopefully ".They may be now!

The RPI jumped from 81 to 66 tonight, but that’s still not bubble range. For it to get into bubble range, we have to win tomorrow, and then we don’t need no stinking bubble.