Chelsea Dungee and Paige Bueckers

Chelsea Dungee won my heart. She will be my favorite women’s basketball player until she hangs 'em up.

But my second favorite for year’s to come is Paige Bueckers. Man, I love watching that kid play ball. Poetry. Skill. Savvy.

I’m sure I’ll be adding Jersey Wolfenbarger to this list very soon…at the #2 spot. Or maybe #1A. But for a non-Razorback, I sure love to watch Paige play. Its literally “How basketball should be played 101.”

It was fun watching Chelsea and Paige go at it in the game at BWA. Paige was coming off an injury and wasn’t supposed to be at full speed. Well, if she wasn’t, it was a very close facsimile. She scored 27, Chelsea scored 37.

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Paige was the best female basketball player I have ever watched. Chelsea will always be a favorite Razorback player.

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