Check This Arkansas Men's Hoops Preview Out



They hardly mentioned Brazil’s and he should be sensational this year!

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Yes probably a first round nba draft pick next year

Rest of the conference teams and hoops media are sleeping on Brazile

He’s going to surprise a lot of people

We could have up to FOUR first round draft picks
in Smith, Black, Brazile, and Walsh

Jalen Graham has a good shot at making an nba roster I think as well

The level of skill/talent on this Hog roster is incredible

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You’re forgetting Ricky Council. He maybe even more underrated by everyone than Brazile. And don’t forget Dunning, kid has the IT factor. I wonder if we can get six guys drafted (has one team ever had six drafted?).

Edit: Cause I know Swine will look, UNC had six players chosen in the same draft in 1972 (only three were in the Top 60 picks). However, since 1989 the draft has only been two rounds. In 72, they had a few more (one site says 18).

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I think we have EIGHT (!!!) players on the current roster that will be playing in the nba at some point


It is all up to them.

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I’d say likely all playing professionally, but probably not all eight in the NBA.


Brazile Smith Black definite 1st round draft selections

Walsh probably 2nd round selection assuming he doesn’t return to Arkansas

Devo Council Graham Dunning all have good chance of making an nba roster at some point in future

So, potentially, 8 future nba players on current Razorback roster

As much as I love Devo, I just don’t see him playing in the NBA. I have my doubts about Graham too. Council has a shot if his shot matches his hops. JMO.

Yes. Council has NBA athleticism. He has a decent looking 3 point shot now. If he can become consistent with it, he’s got a good shot at the NBA.

Size-wise he’s a bit short for today’s NBA 3, and doesn’t yet have the handle for an NBA 2. I’d give him a shot at an NBA starter if he can tighten up his handle and improve consistency on his 3 point shot. With his athleticism, he could be an excellent rebounding NBA 2G. He could also be a very good defender at the 2.

I’m hoping he’ll spend 2 years here honing those skills.

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I agree with your take,

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Does he have 2 years, Larry?

All scholarship players will to ably play professionally somewhere. That seems to be the case now.

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Yes. He’s a junior plus he still has his covid year left, so 3 years, if he wants them.

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Tighten his handle and Devo can play in the nba

Showed an improved shooting touch from 3- pt line last season

I see no reason that doesn’t carry over into this season

turnovers are still the issue

Hey man, I’m pulling for him. I hope he proves me wrong. Matter of fact, if I started a new wave rock band, I would call it Devo.

Devo can Whip It

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Whip it good

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